Get Your Flirt On!
Love at First Sight?

What Women Look for on a First Date

  • Does he carry himself with confidence?
  • Did he complain about every aspect of his life?
  • Does he appear trustworthy, dependable and honest?
  • Do we have good chemistry? Am I attracted to him?
  • Do I like his sense of humor? Does he have one? Did we have fun together?
  • Was he complimentary? Did he say something positive about the way I look?
  • Did he only have eyes for me? Or was he interested in other women in the room?
  • Is he a good communicator? Did he listen and appear to be interested in what I had to say?
  • Is he well groomed with good hygiene? Clothes clean and pressed?
  • Is he interesting? Did we engage easily in conversation or was it a struggle? Did he only talk about himself?
  • Is he intelligent? Does he seem interested in life? Is he the type of man who makes things happen?
  • Does he have good manners? Did he show me consideration and treat me with respect? Is he polite to others? Was he insulting about his exes?

The next time you are out on a first date remember what the opposite sex is attracted to. Have fun, smile and be confident in who you are. You’ll be more attractive and you’ll have more fun.