What Men Look for on a First Date
Dress to Impress


1.    If you’re a picky eater…order something you know you’ll like.  Sending back food or modifying something is obnoxious.

2.    Talking about how great you are is super…for a job interview. Ask questions, but stay away from salary, weight and ex’s.

3.    Be kind to your waiter or waitress. Be generous and add at least a 20% tip.

4.    Chewing gum may be great for fresh breath—but the smacking will pop the flow of any good conversation, so don’t blow it. Have a Tic Tac instead.

5.    Create a business card just for your social life—it’s a great way to express your creativity without giving out all of your professional information.

6.    Most definitely turn your cell phone ringer off.  They came to talk to you, not to listen to you talk to someone else.

7.   Ailments and current health issues should be saved for a later date.

8.    Everyone seems so busy these days, but be careful. You may seem so busy that the other person thinks you have no time for a relationship.

9.    Leave work at work.

10.  Actually be a good listener. If you’re doing all the talking, you’re not on a date; you’re on stage giving a speech.