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The ROI of Dating

Computers Don't Hug Back

624237_99471681 If you talk to a room full of singles, chances are, at least a few of them have tried online dating. Over and over you'll hear similar stories.  It's what everyone is doing.  It's cheap, or even free.  And they know someone who's met someone. Even a couple who met and married.

All of which is true.  It's also true that online dating can be extremely time consuming, frustrating, and expensive depending on which/how many service(s) you use and how many dates you go on before you meet anyone worth seeing a second time.

The BIG underlying truth behind all of this, though, is that it's nearly impossible to make a real, human connection with someone you've never met in person. You can make online contact with a new person. And based on what that person reveals about themselves (assuming that any, some or all of it is true) you can decide to engage in some kind of communication with that person.  Emails, phone calls, texts or IMs might give you some sense of whether or not you'll connect with this new person. But ultimately, none of it is a substitute for face to face interaction.

All of the online back and forth of online dating is really a prelude to face to face contact. The real deal. The actual date.  

You can't build a relationship with someone through a computer. Not completely. If for no other reason than it's hard to hug a computer.

IJL cuts the computers out of the equation. Instead of spending hours online sifting through hundreds or even thousands of profiles (the information in which, may or may not be factual), your IJL matchmaker connects you directly with men/women who you're likely to want to date. It may sound old-fashioned, but there's a reason we're still around.  It works.