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Beyond The First Date

We get asked all the time for tips to help singles get past the first date so they can have a successful second date. Many singles feel more anxiety about their second date than they felt before their first.   The stakes have been raised because you like this person and there is a fear regarding whether or not the second date will work out. It’s important to not get ahead of yourself, after all it’s just a second date.  This should NOT be looked at as the opportunity to determine whether he/ she is the one.

It’s Just Lunch second date tips:

1. Choose a place you both feel comfortable at and one that suits both your tastes.  If you both like to golf, meet at the driving range for example.

2. Ask questions and listen carefully – 38% of singles say one of the most important things they notice on a first date is whether their date asked questions.

3. Let them see the real you. Now is the time to drop the façade and share your opinions and interests – 46% of singles say that not having common interests is a deal breaker. It’s better to know sooner than later if you have something in common.

4. Share yourself.  Express your opinions, desires and goals – 49%  of singles say having common values and goals is one of the top reasons a relationship works in the long term.

5. At the end of the date,  don’t make false promises about what comes next if you are not interested in taking the relationship further – 40% of singles have told their date they would call them again but never ԁіԁ. Be honest.  There’s no reason to be rude to someone you barely know.

We recommend going on at least two dates before making your mind up about not seeing someone again. Sometimes it takes a few meetings before the chemistry kicks in.  I speak from experience here.   The first time I met my husband, at the end of the date I told him I never wanted to see him again.  Well… 18 years and one child later, we are still together!  In the end,  trust your instincts, though, and have fun!