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The Pulse of Single Professionals

It's Just Lunch has been studying the pulse of single professionals throughout the country for 15 years.  We've found that single professional men and women are interested in finding someone special and broadening their resources to make it happen.

Ever use a dating service?  48% of men and 53% of women say "Yes".  75% of men in the East and Texas have used a dating service, while 80% of women in Southern California have used a dating service to meet that someone special. 

Top Ten Dating Pet Peeves from It's Just Lunch

  1. Answering your cell phone during dinner
  2. Being rude to the wait staff
  3. A date that talks too much and only about themselves
  4. Talking about an ex on a first date
  5. A date with bad body odor
  6. A date that is un-groomed
  7. A date that talks about their weight and latest diet
  8. Smoking like a chimney
  9. Being stood up
  10. A date that doesn't tip enough or at all

Think Outside the Heart-Shaped box on Valentine's Day... it's NOT all about you having a date. It's Just Lunch recommends thses thoughtful ideas for making someone's Valentine's Day brighter.

  1. Write your grandparents a letter, send it by postal mail (not email) and include pictures of you.
  2. Bake cookies for someone that helps you everyday, like a doorman or security guard at your building.
  3. Call a friend that is a single-parent and offer to watch their kids for the day.
  4. Pay for the person's coffee or lunch standing behind you, hand them a note that says "pass it on".
  5. Designate a day each month as "Singles Day" for you and all your friends.  Take turns coming up with fun ideas for social outings.

What You Must Know Before Hosting a Business Meal

According to a survey by It's Just Lunch, 35% of professionals offer this advice to someone hosting a business meal: always ask your guest about any food preferences or avoidances they may have like allergies, religious prohibitions or personal preferences, before choosing the restaurant and making a reservation.  Another 32% of professionals believe that it's most important to be prepared with appropriate dinner conversation.  Research the host's and guest's company and read up on current events and the latest news.

"Being informed of what's going on in the world is a must; you never want to appear ignorant during a business meeting and you should be bale to carry on an educated conversation", says Alana Beyer, Vice President of It's Just Lunch.  Never complain about your co-workers or boss and never discuss personal problems you may be having with your family, husband or significant other.  57% of people surveyed find this to be a real turn off."