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The Most Important Thing to Remember About Valentine's Day... It's not first date friendly!

It's Just Lunch, the premier dating service for busy professionals, has released statistics from its Annual Report on Dating about singles, dating and age.  According to a survey of 3,571 singles 76% of women date men that are at least 5 years older than them, while 80% of men date women that are at least 5 years younger than them.

"A lot of women that date older men are looking for stability and maturity," said Alana Beyer, Vice President of It's Just Lunch.  "They want someone that is settled in their career, is a good caretaker and is serious about finding a significant other.  Regardless of whether singles are dating someone older or younger67% think 1-5 years is a practical age difference between couples."

Of the 18% of men who prefer to date women that are older, 6% admit to having dated a singles, older friend of their parents.  When asked if they could date an older celebrity, 34% of men said their celebrity of choice would be Annette Benning, another 22% chose Diane Keaton.  62% of women said they would date Harrison Ford.

When asked which younger celebrity they would date, 26% of women chose Orlando Bloom, 24% said Jake Gyllenhaal and another 23% chose Nick Lachey.  When posed with the same question, 33% of men said they would date Jessica Alba, while Scarlett Johanssen and Jessica Simpson came in tied at 21%.