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A Few Conversation Don'ts:

  • Don't criticize personal choices, like wearing fur or who they voted for in the last election.
  • Don't hog the conversation.  It should flow back and forth like a tennis volley - you hit, he or she returns.
  • Don't start talking about marriage or commitment on the first three dates.
  • Don't use cheesy opening lines like "are you an Aquarius?"

A Few Conversation Dos:

  • Do be sincere.  If her smile lights up the room, then tell her, but don't say something just for the sake of it.  Insincere compliments are transparent.
  • Do be yourself.  Remember, they'll either like you or not.  If they like you, great if not... next! Why waste time trying to get someone's approval?
  • Do be funny.  Being light with a sense of humor helps people let their guard down.
  • Do say his or her name a few times; it'll make them feel special, and help you remember it in the future.
  • Do keep it positive.  Stick to your best attributes and the things you are the most positive about.  People become sexier as they talk passionately about things that excite them. 
  • Do have fun with it!

Beyond the Bar

Bar scene not cutting it?  Don't worry, the key is to do things you really enjoy so the people you meet share your interests.  Here are some ideas of where and how to meet some great, like-minded singles.

  • Bookstores / Coffee Shops:  Try scoping out approachable people in sections of the bookstore that reflect your interests.  Check out the books they are browsing and if you know something about the subject, speak up.  If not, ask their advise on a book selection.  Once the ice is broken it is a smooth transition to the coffee area for some frothy conversation.
  • Classes and Workshops:  Signing up for classes at the local junior college or university is really a win-win situation.  You're doing something you enjoy, expanding your knowledge and meeting like-minded people.  If you want to increase your odds, try joining a class that usually is frequented by the opposite sex or dance class.  Dance classes are a terrific way to meet other singles and are a whole lot of fun.  You'll pick up some hot moves, get in shape, and best of all, dancing comes complete with partners who often rotate among the class. 
  • Sports Leagues:  If you're a sports enthusiast, joining a league is one way to meet other athletic and sports-minded people in a non-threatening environment.  Socializing after the game provides further opportunities to meet and mingle. 
  • Volunteer:  Did you know that there are volunteer groups just for singles?  This is a rewarding way for you to connect with new people who share similar values.  You get to make a difference in the world while meeting folks who are also giving back.  Search on line for "volunteer groups for singles". 

Tips for an Enjoyable Date

They key to successful dating is to focus on enjoyment and friendship.  Date with the intention of making a new friend rather than expecting to meet your life partner.  You'll have more fun and way less "performance" anxiety.  The point is to keep dating light and casual, especially early on.  On a first date, go out for lunch drinks or brunch and split the check.  This keeps the expectations and pressure lower.  If you decide to see each other again, you know your date is interested in you.  It's that simple. 

March Madness

According to a survey by the dating experts at It's Just Lunch...

  • 22% of singles participated in a March Madness pool at their work.
  • Florida is the favorite of singles - 30% of singles think the Gators will be the 2007 tournament champions.
  • 21% of singles wear their alumni's T-shirts on game day.
  • 59% of single men would take a date to their local bar to watch the game.
  • 1/3 of singles watched the basketball games this weekend at a friend's house or a local sports bar.