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March 2007

You have passed go... Sail away with your sweetheart

  • You can't stop thinking about each other when you are apart
  • He asks you what you would like, then does it
  • She can make you laugh and lift your spirits
  • He is caring and considerate, asks for and listens to your opinions and feelings
  • You communicate easily and can talk about a variety of things
  • You work together to solve problems
  • You accept each other's differences and can agree to disagree without resentment
  • She is an independent thinker and has her own thoughts and opinions, not just agreeing with yours
  • He is open and comfortable talking about himself
  • You respect, admire and appreciate each other

Move to a new neighborhood

Get your coffee and cocktails, do your grocery shopping and go on a run in the neighborhood next to yours.  You'll be crossing paths with a new group of people and will start seeing the same people throughout the week, creating a great opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Step outside your comfort zone and shift your social circle

We all have an acquaintance we promise to make plans with when we run into them, but never do.  Actually make the plans and carry them out this time.  By getting to know one person outside of your social circle you are opening yourself up to meeting everyone in their circle, increasing your chances of meeting someone you're interested in.