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The Quickest Ways to Kill a Conversation

A survey conducted by It's Just Lunch, the premier dating service for busy professionals found that 26% of men and 37% of women say one of their pet peeves is when their date talks too much and only about themselves.  Men and women also agree that it's better not to talk about your "ex" on a first date, 30% sat it's the quickest way to not get a second date.  Singles also think that the best first date conversations consist of getting to know what the other person likes and dislikes and what their hobbies are. 

How to Decide What to Drink for a First Date

When their date says "I don't drink" , 62% of single men will order water or a soda and skip the alcohol with their date.  On the other hand, 41% of single women will order a glass of wine even if their date orders water only.   Something to think about the next time a date opts for ice water. 

Positive Thinking

It's Just Lunch has found that  45% of single men dislike when their date talks about her weight or newest diet.  Instead, keep the conversation fun and lighthearted.  Stay away from health issues or the latest fad diet you are trying.  Talk about something pleasant - your favorite hobby, the last book you read or your fondest childhood memory.  Let your date get to know the positives about you. 

Don't Drink and Date

Men and women agree, when the waiter asks if you want another drink, better watch your limit.  86% of U.S. men and 91% of U.S. women agree that 2 alcoholic beverages is the maximum on a first date, and one in five would not drink at all.