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Enlarge Your Social Circle By Trying Something New

The concept is simple:  the way to meet new people is to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. 

How about a dance class?  Learn to rumba, cha-cha, or ballroom dance.  Every city is full of dance studios offering classes nearly every day of the week.  Then take your new dance moves and spend a night on the town showing off what you've learned. 

Dancing not you thing?  Try a cooking class instead.  Classes are typically held in the evening and most cooking schools offer specials if you bring your friends.  Grab a group of friends and learn how to make something new too.  If you don't have anywhere to show off your new recipe, bring it into work.  You'll score points with your co-worker.  Plus who knows, they may rave to their single friend about what a fantastic cook you are. 

What's Their Biggest Turn-off?

A recent It's Just Lunch survey found that 56% of women say they hate when their date is more interested in the waitress than them and shows it.  When in comes to hygiene and appearance, 42% of men and 53% of women dislike when their date is un-groomed.  59% of singles agree that bad body odor is their biggest turn-off.  The survey also found that 71% of men would accept a second date with a women even if she displayed one of his pet peeves.  Women, however, are not as forgiving; only 42% would attempt a repeat date in the same situation.

What Should You Order On A First Date?

  • 72% of women on the West Coast ordered red wine and49% of East Coast women ordered white wine, while 21% of Midwestern women prefer an ice cold beer on a first date.
  • 31% of men order wine (64% of those men ordered red, usually Pinot Noir, hmmm... anything to do with Sideways?).  58% of single men will skip red and order a bottle of Chardonnay if white wine is their date's preference.
  • 75% of single women would skip sharing a bottle when wine preferences differ from their date and insist they each get their own glass.
  • Although 15% of singles order a mixed drink on a first date, the type of "mixed drink" varies by gender.  Men prefer Gin & Tonic or Scotch on the rocks as cocktails before their meal and wine with dinner, whereas women prefer martini's or Cosmo's as "mixed drinks" before and during dinner.
  • 39% of singles pay $25-$40 on a bottle of wine on a first date; however Texan men save the extra cash to get their shoes shined and spend only $15 on a bottle on a first date.