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October 2007

Get Happy

Leave work at 5 o'clock and enjoy happy hour with your co-workers.  Happy hours are a great way to spend time with your co-workers and the perfect opportunity to meet other professionals.  After work crowds at hip restaurants and bars are perfect for mingling with other busy professionals.  Most restaurants and bars have happy hour specials Monday through Friday, but be sure to arrive early, most get packed by 6 o'clock.

Stay Fit

Now that summer is past, get into the routine of heading to the gym.  Not only will you get in shape, but you'll meet other singles who are as into working out and staying healthy as you are.  The gym is a hidden singles spot in every city that is often taken for granted when it come to meeting people.  Most people go to the gym around the same time every day.  See someone special?  Be sure to go the gym at the same time for your next work out.  Leave your ipod at home and strike up a conversation when you are lifting weights or running on the treadmill.  If that doesn't suit you, take a class.  Most health clubs offer night time classes - a great place to meet other busy professionals after work who have similar interests when it comes to working out.