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What Men Look for on a First Date

  • Does she complain about men?
  • Is she open to new things?
  • Do I like her cloths and sense of style?
  • Can she speak intelligently about more than one thing (such as her job)?
  • Is she emotionally available or is she still talking to her ex a lot?
  • Can she maintain eye contact? Is she nervous?  Is there some energy between us or is it flat? (Nervous is better than flat)
  • Is she generous or is she confrontational?  Can she hold her own opinion without making me wrong?
  • Does she have a good sense of humor and a "fun" attitude?  Does she get my sense of humor?  Is she happy?
  • Do we have chemistry?  How does she respond when I put my hand on the side of her arm or in the small of her back?  Is she open and not afraid to show that she likes me?
  • Is she high maintenance?  Does she talk about nicer places than the one you are taking her to in a way that makes you think she would have rather gone there?  Does she pick the most expensive thing on the menu on a first date?

The Top 10 Things to Know on a First Date

There is must know information that every single should be able to rattle off at any moment during a date.  Don't be left racking your brain for something to talk about.  Say goodbye to awkward silence during a date.

  1. Current Events... and we're not talking celebrity stuff.  Know what's going on in your city and across the globe.  Staying on top of current events is a huge turn-on to both sexes.  It shows that you are intelligent and that you care about what is going on around you and around the world.  Don't have time to read the newspaper?  Log onto Yahoo! News to get caught up quickly before your next date.
  2. Know what sport is in season and know the name of your city's teams.  Ok, this may seem really basic, but seriously know what sports are going on.  It's a major turn-off to a man to think that football is going on during the summer.
  3. Have at least heard of 3 of The New York Times bestsellers.  This doesn't meant that you have read then; it simply means that you are paying attentions to what books are hitting the est seller list.  It's a great conversation starter, "Have you read ___?  I've seen it on the best seller list for weeks and have wanted to pick it up, but haven't talked to anyone who has read it.  Do you recommend it?"
  4. Know how to pronounce the last place you traveled.  This should be an easy one and a great way to start a conversation.  "I just went to Nice, France and it was beautiful.  Have you ever been there?"  Now if you mispronounce the city and say "nice" you may not get far with the conversation.
  5. Know the difference between a Cabernet and a Chardonnay.  Know a little bit about wine will make selecting a bottle for you and your date to share much easier.  We suggest going to a wine tasting.  You;s  learn about all the different varieties of wine, and get to taste them as well.  If there is not wine tasting bars close by, pick up the movie Sideways, you'll learn all about wine, in particular, Merlot. 
  6. Have at least one interesting piece of trivia to talk about (ie the human adult head weighs 15-20 pounds).  Knowing one quick piece of trivia will get any date out of a conversation slump.  Any time there is silence, throw out a random fact, it'll be sure to keep the conversation flowing. 
  7. Know how to tell one joke well.  Keep the jokes clean.  No one wants to go on a date with someone who tells vulgar jokes on a first date.  Keep the jokes to something you would tell your boss or your grandmother.
  8. Know the big art scene (music, theater, movies) in your area.  Even if you are not into the arts, know what is going on in your city.  Check to see what hit off Broadway musical is coming to your area, any upcoming concerts or the new art exhibit at the museum.  Even if you are now into the arts, this will definitely impress them.  It shows you are well rounded. 
  9. If the restaurant  menu is stumping you -- just point.  French restaurants can be quite confusing when it comes to ordering.  Skip the embarrassment of mispronouncing the entree and simply point to the item you select.  Or if you date orders what you want, "I'll have the same."
  10. Where you parked your car.  No one wants to see their date wander around the parking lot after they just said goodbye.  If you're concerned you may forget where you parked out of nervousness, valet the car.