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Fall and Winter Date Ideas in Chicago, IL from It's Just Lunch


Great Fall Date Ideas:

Go to the Zoo- Stroll through Lincoln Park Zoo and watch your favorite animals roam around in their habitats. Best of all, the Lincoln Park Zoo is free, so when you are done strolling through the park head out to lunch at one of the many lunch spots on Clark St.

Go to the Apple Orchard- Apples are so much better from the Apple Orchard; this is a really fun outdoor fall date idea. After picking a dozen apples, warm up side by side with a cup of fresh hot apple cider and warm fresh donuts.

Take a Walk- On a nice fall day, grab a sweater or light jacket and take a walk on Michigan Avenue.  Start at the 900 shops and make your way down to Millennium Park. End your stroll at Cosi’s for an inexpensive and delicious treat of hot chocolate and s’mores. 

Winter Date Ideas:

Ice Skating: Take your date to Millennium Park to enjoy some ice skating.  After your done, take a stroll through the park and who knows you may feel like having an impromptu snow ball fight!

Tailgating At Home: Invite your date and friends over for a fun-filled day of football. Make your famous chili recipe and have everyone bring a dish to pass. After all there’s nothing that spells winter more than football.

Take a Cooking Class: There are great places that offer unique classes all over the city. From roasts and stews to foods from all over the world, you and your date will get hands on in the kitchen.

Movie Nights: Take your movie night to the next level. Create a themed dinner menu to that movie that you two can make together.

Visualizing your ideal partner...

Visualizing your ideal partner and the relationship you want is a great motivator. Athletes have long understood this process of imagery and will visualize a goal before acting on it. You can do the same with your love life. Give it a shot now! You have nothing to lose.

Close your eyes and picture your ideal partner. Engage all your senses. How does this person smell? What does he or she look like? Listen to this person’s voice. How does it sound? Where are you? What are you doing? Are your friends and family around? How does he or she interact with them? Try this a few times until the picture becomes clear, then take out a piece of paper and make a list of the most important characteristics of this partner.

List about 20 qualities that mean something to you. What values and attributes does this person have? Look over your list and separate your “deal breakers” from your “ideals.” “Deal breakers” are the absolute nonnegotiable traits, like finding a partner who wants children or is of the same religion (if those traits are important to you).

“Ideals” are more about the attributes or traits you’d prefer, like “ambitious” or “good sense of humor.” By prioritizing which qualities are important and which are ideal, you’ll discover what you’re absolutely unwilling to accept and where you’ve got some flexibility.

Become a Pro at the Art of Flirting with the Opposite Sex

You finally get them to notice you and they walk over to talk to you. Now what? How do you keep them interested? That is where the art of flirting comes in. It's really quite simple.

It’s Saturday night in a crowded bar. A man and woman are locked in conversation. She’s laughing, batting her eyelashes and playing with her hair. He’s standing with his head tilted slightly, leaning in toward her and occasionally touching her arm. They’re performing a social ritual that’s been around for more than 5,000 years — flirting. 

Flirting is one of the great joys in life. It’s an ego booster that makes you feel more attractive and desirable. Flirt with someone and they feel excited, flattered, appreciated and darn good about themselves. So indulge yourself whenever possible.

Two things are going on when you flirt. The first is the actual conversation, and the second is your body language. Flirting is an enticement and an invitation that lets the other person catch glimpses of your most attractive characteristics and behaviors.

These days, it’s a lost art, but it’s great fun when done well. Practice flirting with acquaintances or friends of the opposite sex (without telling them) and see what techniques get the best response.

For those who feel clueless about where to even start, we assure you that flirting is a learned behavior. It’s not only possible to pick up the basics, but with a little practice, you can perfect the art. Let’s start with the flirting conversation.