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Increase your odds of meeting someone by getting out and about!

Sports Leagues

If you're a sports enthusiast, joining a league is one way to meet other athletic and sports minded people in a non-threatening environment.  Socializing after the game provides further opportunities to meet and mingle, but there are some downsides to the league approach.  As with any other bunch that meets regularly, some people won't want to "date" within a group or a team because they are afraid of ruining the group's chemistry.  Golf, tennis, softball and polo are among the best sports to find successful and eligible professionals.n 

Another Great Place to Meet People

Classes and Workshops

Signing up for a class at a the local junior college or university is really a win-win situation:  you are doing something you enjoy, expanding your knowledge and meeting like-minded people.  And if you want to increase your odds, why not join a class that usually is frequented by the opposite sex?  Guys, try interior design (it can't hurt), personal development or gourmet cooking.  Ladies, look into business management, computer and golf.  If no one in the class catches your eye, don't lose hope.  Once you start cultivate new friendships, these folks will introduce you to their friends and family.

Dance classes are also a terrific way to meet other singles and are a whole lot of fun.  Country and swing dancing are very popular.  How about learning a tango, salsa or meringue?  You'll pick up hot moves, get in shape, and best of all dancing comes complete with partners who often rotate among the class.