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Men, get out of your comfort zone!

Perhaps you are a man who has always dated women who are younger than you.  You have learned over time that you are mostly attracted to women who are at least five years your junior. 

When you are out in public, it is the younger women who turn your head.  You've spent years dating them and you've had both short and medium-term relationships.  But nothing has lasted the way you wanted it to.

Every now and then, your friends will tell you that they have a great woman in mind for you, but purely based on her age, you decline to meet her because you are set in your ways.  It is ingrained in your mind that you only like one type of woman.

The trouble is, you've never been able to find someone who feels like the right fit for you.  Yes, these women have fulfilled your desired physical wants, but you are still searching for that whole package.

Since you've decided to start dating again, now is the time to evaluate your patterns.  Ask yourself how well these patterns serve you.

We always tell our clients, "Now is the time to try new things.  You never know who  you are passing up by being set in your ways!"

It is time to experience meeting different kinds of people.  Get out of your dating box and have some fun.  See what it feels like to go out to lunch with someone you wouldn't ordinarily consider. 

There may be a woman your age, give or take a couple of years, who could make you very happy.  Wouldn't that be worth a trip outside your comfort zone? 

The Pros and Cons of Cyberdating

The Pros:  It's immediate, convenient and cheap.  You get to know basic information about your dates before you meet them in person.  You have access to thousands of people and can narrow your search by criteria.  You can learn to speak of and describe yourself kindly which reinforces a positive self image.

The Cons:  The biggest con is also one of the most appealing parts of online dating.  You can be anybody you want to be and so can he or she.  Studies mentioned in The Wall Street Journal state that "30%of online dating site visitors are married and countless others misrepresent themselves."  Not exactly what you signed up for, huh?  You'll find more than your fair share of untruths online, so don't believe everything you read or see.