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3 Myths That Women Have About Men

3 Myths That Men Have About Women

Andrea-webBy: Andrea Syrtash, Author of the Upcoming Book "He's Just Not Your Type (And That's a Good Thing)"


I’ve never believed in hard and fast rules in dating (or in life, for that matter) -- just smart strategies.There are some dating ‘rules’ floating out there that may actually get you into trouble! Based on interviews I've conducted with single women, here are a few of the rules that we wish men would forget:


Myth #1 – If you like a woman, wait three days to call her.

Swingers was a classic 1990s movie, but almost two decades later we’re still quoting Vince Vaughn’s character who confidently proclaimed, “Yeah, two (days) is enough not to look anxious. But I think three days is kind of money.” when referring to how many days should pass before a guy should follow up with a gal he likes.  It’s time to ditch the three day rule! If you like a woman and have a great date, call her and ask her out for another one before 72 hours pass. Women these days lead dynamic and busy lives, and most (the ones you want to date, anyway) are not waiting around for you to get back in touch.

One of the biggest dating mistakes women say that men make is that they don’t take enough initiative. If you like a woman and want to invite her out again, waiting a few days to call may actually cost you a future date.  And on that note, most women report that they would prefer an old-fashioned telephone call rather than a text message when asking them out. (A rule Swingers certainly couldn’t address in 1996!)


Myth #2 Women are only interested in guys with lots of money, over six feet tall and who add up perfectly on paper.

Some women may say they want a guy who conforms to a certain superficial checklist, but I have extensive research to support the fact that we ladies fall in love more emotionally than even we realize!  A man who is thoughtful, smart, funny and charismatic who doesn’t have a ‘great’ job or look like a leading man has a great shot at finding love with a fabulous woman.  Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities that anybody can have, regardless of his stats or resume - but don't confuse confidence with cockiness. Which leads me to the last myth…


 Myth #3 Nice Guys Finish Last.

When people say that nice guys finish last what they really mean is that boring ones do. Nice and boring are not synonymous! Nobody wants to date a doormat with no opinions of his own but few self-respecting women want to be with a man who is not nice. 

Kindness is consistently ranked as one of the top qualities people look for in a mate. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to be a jerk to attract a woman. The reality is that if you act like a jerk to get a woman’s interest, you will attract someone who is insecure or someone who you may eventually lose respect for. (There’s nothing worse than treating someone badly and seeing her come back for more.)  Women love kind men. You can be nice and bold. You can listen well and take initiative. None of these qualities are mutually exclusive. In fact, pairing confidence with sensitivity is extremely sexy.