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Dating and Technology - Making Smart Choices

Most of todays' single professionals can still remember a time without cell phones, texts or omnipresent email.  Oh, how times have changed.  Nowadays, we're all hyperconnected.  Always communicating.  And yet, somehow, the human element of those communications can sometimes get lost.

Time and again, in surveys and in raw feedback from clients, we hear about technology getting in the way of the dating process.  Causing trouble.  That said, here are a few cautions in relation to technology and dating.

1)  First, never ask someone out on a first or second date by email, instant messenger or text.  A phone call is always a better choice.  It's fine, however, to work out the details via email or text. 

2)  It's not a good idea to discuss the details of your personal life by email.  Remember—emails can be forwarded or read by others.  Keep your private life private.

3)  If you’ve gone out with someone and they're not returning your emails and/or texts, consider that person not interested.  Don’t push and understand that he/she is probably not interested. Move on.

These simple guidelines are really just the tip of the iceberg.  Next up, we'll talk about dating etiquette and social media.  For today, we'll leave you with this, It's Just Lunch matchmaker PJ Osgood's recent appearance on The Today Show.  The topic, "Do Technology and Romance Mix?".