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It's National Singles Week: Be Happy You're Single

This is National Singles Week (yes, there really is such a thing) which makes it the perfect time for us all to celebrate being single.  That's right - celebrate being single. We're not in relationships that make us unhappy. We're not settling for situations that we know aren't right for us.  We're independent and free. Able to make our own decisions, travel where and when we want, watch whatever we want on TV.

Celebrate. Being Single.

So maybe you're not always thrilled with being single? You're dating and hope to meet someone, someday to settle down with.  That puts you in the majority of single people.  You can be happy with your single life and, at the same time, date with the hope of meeting a future life partner.  It's about being happy with different stages of your life, not putting happiness on hold until you find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Why is this important?  If you're dating, it's very important to remember that one of the most attractive features in any person is happiness. We all hope to meet a person who is happy. Happy and confident.  Conversely, a person who is unhappy with their life is unattractive to most people (no one wants to date a person who comes off as desperate).  So a single person who is desperate to meet someone, to not be single, will seem less attractive than someone who has embraced single life.  

So Happy Singles Week!