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7 Questions for a Matchmaker

One of the many things that sets It's Just Lunch apart from the competition is the strength and experience of our matchmakers. Recently, we reached out to longtime IJL Columbus matchmaker, Pamela Lanier to see if she could share some quick tips with us.  

1) What's your best dating tip?

My best dating tip is to ask questions. This makes the other person feel important. Also, you'll find out what your date's interests are and see if you can have fun together. IF YOU DON'T PLAY TOGETHER, YOU WON'T STAY TOGETHER.

2) What are men looking for?

Men are interested in the visual first. It's how they're made.

3) What are women looking for?

Women are interested in the whole package.  A woman can meet a man who may not look exactly like what she thought her special someone would look like, but after she sits across from him for an hour and hears what's in his heart he automatically becomes soooooo handsome.

4) How many serious relationships have you started?  Any marriages?

I've been doing this for over 33 years so I've lost count of how many relationships and marriages there are. They call me about their kids now.

5) What's your favorite client story?

There was a woman with young twins. She was struggling to meet a good guy, and had actually had men get up and leave the table on dates when she told them about her kids. I told her, 'No problem', because the men I match you with will know in advance about the twins and they will only be men who love kids. She went on her first few dates and had fun. Then I matched her with Todd.  They hit it off immediately. He'd also been left to raise a young child on his own. As an executive for a major company here in Columbus, I knew he was busy but still made time for his son. They married two years later and she still calls me every year to say thanks. 

6) What's the best place in Columbus for a first date?

The best place in Columbus for a first date is the Short North. You have any kind of restaurant and food you want. You have galleries and shops, and you can finish off your date at one of the famous ice cream or coffee shops in the area.

7) Why should singles call IJL?

Singles should call IJL because we are great at what we do.