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Conversation Tips: Things to Talk About this Weekend

It's the first weekend of December and already, for some people, it feels like Holiday OVERLOAD.  It was just Thanksgiving. Now it's Hanukkah (and Happy Hanukkah, for those who celebrate). And Christmas is weeks away. But everywhere you look and everywhere you go...

If you're on a date this weekend, you'll probably feel obligated to mention the holidays - in some way. That's normal, since we're all surrounded by it.

But try to make it a little more interesting than, "Did you have a good Thanksgiving?" Yes or no questions don't do much to open up a conversation. Instead, try one of these conversation starters:

  • What's your favorite holiday movie and why?  
  • Does your family have any special holiday traditions?  
  • What's your favorite childhood holiday memory?

And remember to be prepared to share your answers to these questions.