When Numbers Lie: Age Differences and Dating
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Making Love a Priority in 2011

1277878_24146173 The results are in from our latest It's Just Lunch dating questionnaire and we were both surprised and excited by the final tally.

We had over 2000 people respond, and of those, more than 44% told us that their number 1 goal for the year was to find a compatible match.  Add to that, another 11% who said their number one priority was to go on more dates.  

This desire was similar for both men and women, with over 40% of men and over 46% of women seeking their compatible match this year.  

Where the sexes seem to differ is how men and women view the dating process. When asked whether they'd prefer to go out on a lot of dates, or go out on fewer dates but with people you are more compatible with, our female respondents almost universally opted for the latter.  Only 3.34% said they'd rather go out on a lot of dates.  The men were 3 times more likely to opt for more dates.  

So men and women are both seeking they're compatible matches, in almost equal numbers, but have different ideas as to the ideal path to their goals.