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For Love of the Game

We're just days away from Super Bowl XLV and singles all of over the country are gearing up for game day, and game day dates.

We here at It's Just Lunch took this opportunity to poll our members about their game day habits and opinions and were more than a bit surprised at what we uncovered.

Here's the good news - a full 58% of those surveyed said they would bring a first date to a Super Bowl Party. So if you're currently dateless, think about asking someone to join you.

Now, here's an interesting fact, a high percentage of singles will root against their date's team. And (here's the interesting bit) there's a higher percentage of women than men who will root against their date's team - 82% for the women, 74% for the men. One way to the interpret this is that the women are more loyal to their teams. Another, perhaps, is that the men are more eager to please their dates?

Another interesting fact from the survey is that women are more likely than men to ask their date to "be quiet" (if their date is foolish enough to talk during the game). A full 17% of women will try to shut down their chatterbox date, as opposed to 9% of the men. Could it be that more women (than men) care more about football than dating?  It's 2011, anything is possible!