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Heat Up Your Dating Life: Tips for Igniting Summer Romance

New Image It seems that every year many people find themselves a cozy companion during the long, dark winter months. While these relationships might extend into a spring fling, by the time summer comes along sometimes a couple will instead fizzle when they should sizzle. So, if you find yourself looking at July, August, and September on the calendar and are determined to heat up your dating life, you’re in luck! Not only does summer mean longer days and lounging by the pool on weekends, but it also means emptier offices and more time to get out and about during the weeknights. Why not take advantage? If you’re on the dating scene and need some ideas, consider some of these popular venues to either take a current date or find your next date.


Nights at the Museum

Taking in an art exhibit with a date is always interesting, but sometimes the atmosphere doesn’t necessarily stimulate romance. However, many museums have started to keep later hours, catering to young singles who seek a fun, casual outing. Art After Dark in New York and Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco are just two of many examples of places to impress your date or find interesting singles.


Movies Under the Stars 

Going out to the cinema may not be particularly inspiring these days, but picnicking in your local park while watching a classic reminds us of the old days of drive-in movie romance. It’s Just Lunch knows that Washington DC’s “Screen on the Green” was the forerunner of this phenomenon, but many places have since copied this unique concept. Grab a blanket, wine, some plastic glasses and settle in for something more romantic than stale popcorn and cramped seating.


Weekend Jetsetting 

With gas prices sky-high, who can afford to fly for fun these days? However, if you can be flexible with your Outlook Calendar, many low-cost airlines such as Virgin America or JetBlue offer quick summer getaways for a fraction of what you would normally shell out. Use VRBO or Airbnbto find a truly unique places to stay (the former stands for “vacation rentals by owners, the latter has apartment-dwellers offering lux digs for cheaper-than-hotel prices), and you’ll have a vacation that’s ready in an instant—whether you’re on a quick singles getaway, or going with a group of friends in search of fun. Remember, style points always go to those with the sexiest ideas for fun!