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Social Media Face Off


You’ve been there. Meeting someone new for the first time and even before you can sit down at the table...You spot it. The Third Wheel that brings a big fat rain cloud all over your Happy Hour. The cell phone. Doesn’t matter if it’s the latest, prettiest, most polite, speaking better grammar at you than your professors. It’s still got the capability of crashing the potential of a first date.


Why have we become so obsessed with our phones, especially with social media, that we’ve forgotten the importance of real, live, connections? It seems to be an epidemic no matter what age you are. You know what your dorm-mate from undergrad ate for breakfast this morning, but the name of your date across the table is a little foggy.


We at It’s Just Lunch® were fascinated by this phenomenon, and conducted a survey of men and women to find out how folks felt about social media etiquette on a date and it’s presence at the table.


The response was overwhelming in favor of pocketing social media on a date.

89.7% of men said that it was “rude” and they never check and 91.3% of women agreed.

Only 5.5% of men, and 4.9% of women said they would check, if their date was checking too.

A VICTORY for dates for everywhere! Sorry Facebook. You lose. Dates win.