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Key to A Successful First Date: Great Conversation



Everybody Loves Fireworks. 

The Fourth of July wouldn’t be the same without them. It would just be any other day off from work, sweating it out in the backyard with friends, celebrating a break-up with England. But even better than holiday Fireworks?

Dating Fireworks. 

Now those are exciting; pounding heart, butterflies colliding, passionate and romantic dates that last hours, maybe even days....sigh.

 The problem is, after the Dating Honeymoon winds down, and you’re in a relationship, how do you keep that excitement and intensity going? 

Lesson one, according to Psychology Today*, is that fireworks need two specific kinds of fuel...Fantasy and Seduction. By carefully using both of these elements, you can prevent the fizzling, and create lasting passion.

Setting the Stage 

Couples therapist Laurie Watson LMFT, LPC  talks about this in her recent article, "Fireworks in the Bedroom". She believes that there can be a disconnect for men and women between the physical aspect, focused on by men, and the seductive tension that builds up the fantasy of sex, that is needed by women.

So, how do you accomplish this men? Simple. By being verbally and physically attentive...compliments, smiling from across the room, embracing her around the waist, whispering how much you want her in her ear, letting her know how special she is, etc.  For women, these verbal and physical behaviors create the necessary fantasy about what’s going to be happening later. 

Now, add in some candles, some music, and you’re ready to enjoy those relationship fireworks any night of the week!