Warming Things Up on the Second Date
Practicing the Art of Procrastination (in Dating)

Power Suit(ors)


You know you LOVE your job. You practically live there. Your toothbrush is in your desk, you celebrate birthdays, major holidays, minor holidays, holidays you've never heard of, and major milestones there. You haven't had a phone at home in years because you pick up your voicemail at work more. Yep. You do live there. And now that you're out there and dating, you're wondering if someone else is going to understand that you have two residences, and that your career is the love of your life.

A while back, we at It's Just Lunch® conducted a survey about careers and talking about your professional life on dates, especially first dates. Almost 10% of those we asked, said that their career is a very VERY important part of their life and it was inevitable to talk about on a first date. Almost 52% of you said that your career was important, but you don't let it dominate the conversation on a first date....UNLESS your date is career oriented like you. 

So to all you potential power couples out there, feel free to invite your job on your date. If you're interested in dating someone that's focused like you are, the right person for you is going to appreciate your passion and your drive, and won't ask you why your job is the third wheel in the relationship all the time. With both of you striving hard for success in your careers and supporting the other's endeavors, what can't you accomplish?!