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Making The Dating Grade


It’s that time of year. The days are getting shorter, the mornings crisper, tests are being crammed for, and keggers are raging. Ah, college. Those all important days and experiences seem like they were yesterday. Fast forward past graduation, maybe grad school, and your first job into reality, into a dating world that doesn’t just exist in the quad. Now instead of having three degrees (or less) separating you from potential dating partners, you’ve got a whole diverse world to choose from. So now the question is....are you going to date someone with the same educational background as you? 

In a recent It’s Just Lunch® Dating Survey we asked:

When it comes to education, would you rather date someone who has achieved a similar level of academic success from a similar caliber school as yourself?

More Women (35%), than Men (24%) said YES. 

Interestingly, more Men (53%), said that what they had achieved in their academic career didn’t have a bearing on their dating life, than Women (40%). 

Our take? Men and women definitely find it important to find someone who has had the same experiences, but a lot more of you are up for an adventure and are willing to embrace different educational backgrounds-maybe even different school colors..? We won't push it.