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Want to meet your future spouse this Halloween? Try a french maid or fireman costume

Can you really meet your future mate at a Halloween party? Forty-six percent (46%) of those we polled think you can, and in fact that this is a great place to meet singles. Forty-seven percent (47%), however, say they would never show up solo to a Halloween costume party – not even in disguise! Men are more likely to attend solo; 57% say it’s the best place to meet single women, while 50% of women say they would never show up solo to a Halloween costume party.

When it comes to tastes, it seems men will never tire of that good old Halloween “classic” – a sexy French maid costume. For the past five years, men have voted “the French maid” the costume they would most prefer to see women wear. In fact, 56% of men say that they would be most attracted to a woman in a sexy costume. Vampire came in a close second at 20%. On the other hand, “no costume” was the least appealing option to the men surveyed. Interestingly, however, when asked which kinds of costumes made women easier to approach, funny costumes (42%) took the lead over sexy (19%). (And ladies, before you start dressing like a zombie, know that only 3% of men polled thought it was easy to approach a woman in a scary costume.)

Women find it the easiest to approach men in a funny costume (at 45%), followed closely by original (39%); sexy (8%) and scary (1%). The strong masculine costumes apparently never go out of style either - 40% of women say heroes (cops, firemen) in uniform will definitely catch their attention most at a Halloween costume party followed by pirates (30%).