Why Singles Should Avoid First Dates on Super Bowl Sunday
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Best Places to Watch the Super Bowl for Singles


The Super Bowl is making headlines everywhere, whether it's the teams who are playing or the anticipated commericals we'll be watching. The Super Bowl is one of those occasions singles everywhere can enjoy regardless of how they feel about football or the teams they will be rooting for. Where will you be watching the Super Bowl this year?

In a recent survey, It's Just Lunch discovered that while both men and women agree on first dates on Super Bowl being a huge no-no, the genders seem to disagree as to where and how they prefer watching the Super Bowl. An overwhelming 53% of men compared to 32% of women prefer watching the biggest football game of the year at home while 53% of women compared to 38% of men said they would rather watch the championship at a Super Bowl party. It's no surprise considering most men probably don't want to be bothered with idle chatter as they absorb themselves in the game. On the contrary, women are by nature more social creatures, so they prefer the social interactions that are most likely found at a Super Bowl party where there tend to be lots of people and lots of chatter. Not surprisingly, most women watch the game for the commercials and the half-time show (both of which are topics for conversations) while most men watch the game mostly for the game itself. 

The best places to watch the Super Bowl for singles may depend on your gender, but it mostly depends on how absorbed you want to be in the game. There are actually a handful of women in the singles community that don't mind watching the game, prefering it even over Valentine's Day as one It's Just Lunch Facebook fan commented on a recent post about the Super Bowl. If you prefer not to be interrupted, you may want to consider staying home to watch the game with a few good friends. If, however, you're watching the Super Bowl strictly for social purposes, then your best bet is to score an invite to a Super Bowl party where you be as social as you want to be in between commericals, or the game. 

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