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6 Tips for a Stress-Free Valentine's Day for Singles


Did you know that many singles date in seasons? They avoid relationships between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day just to escape the pressure of the media, their peers and colleagues to wine and dine someone or be wined and dined? It’s actually a really sad reason to stop dating and severely limits a single’s chances of finding the relationship of his or her desires. So in order to help professional singles experience a stress-free Valentine’s Day, we compiled a list of Valentine’s Day tips to help jump start the new dating season.

Tip #1: Love yourself. Who says that Valentine’s Day is reserved only for couples? Pretend it’s your birthday and do something nice for yourself instead of relying on someone else to bring you happiness. Get a massage or manicure if you’re a woman or go test drive a really fast car you’ve been eyeballing if you’re a man.

Tip #2: Ask someone out. The gentleman may think it’s corny, but 62% of women surveyed by It’s Just Lunch said they would gladly except a first date on Valentine’s Day. Even if you just met the day before, the probability of a woman accepting your same-day Valentine’s date invite shines in your favor. So it’s not too late to score a date!

Tip #3: Make it a date night. The perfect Valentine’s date is hands down dinner at a nice restaurant. But if you can’t get a reservation anywhere, the second most popular Valentine’s date activity is staying in and cooking dinner together. “Even though this may be a routine activity, there is no reason it can’t be special. Just put a unique twist on your meal,” says It’s Just Lunch dating specialist, Jennifer Foster. If you don't have a date lined up, how about showing your favorite single friend some love on Valentine's Day?

Tip #4: Say no to chocolate. When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift giving, most singles stay within a $50 to $100 budget and generally shy away from chocolate. Giving someone chocolate is seen as a last ditch effort without any forethought. The best Valentine’s Day gifts are the cliche flowers and card. Spa packages and jewelry also come in high demand. As for the gentleman, how about tickets to see their favorite sports team?

Tip #5: Be silly. “Valentine’s Day is, without a doubt, the cheesiest holiday of the year [...] based around love, hearts, sappy poems, flowers, and all that other delightfully gushy stuff,” says blogger Andrew Wang. “Quit running from this fact and just embrace it. Take any idea and mock it, make it ridiculous,” he says. “This is the time of year when silly really works in your favor.”

Tip #6: Go out and have fun. Don’t just sit at home if you don’t have a date. Half the people out that night are more than likely to be single too. So go out and have fun because the more fun you’re having the more attractive you appear. And the more attractive you come off as, the more likely you are to bump into someone who can be your sweet Valentine next year.

How do professional singles celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Also known as National Singles Awareness Day, Valentine's Day is one of those overly commercialized holidays that can create a lot of angsts for some singles. Men have it especially hard with the added pressure or responsibility of having to pay for a Valentine's Day date, whether it's the first date or the 50th date. It seems like single women everywhere expect men to adhere to traditional forms of courtship that often includes a lunch or dinner date. It’s no wonder the lines of courtship are blurring for Millennial singles who much prefer “hanging out” over “dating” any day of the week.

In a recent article, the New York Times suggested the end of courtship because of the implications technology has had on relationships. While it may be true that traditional courtship appears to be in decline, this does not mean that singles are throwing courtship out the door completely. If anything, singles are struggling to adjust their dating habits without compromising their own values when it comes to dating and relationships, even if it means “hanging out” with someone a few times before deciding whether there is a viable relationship in the works.

Coming back to the question of how professional singles celebrate Valentine’s Day, it should be easy. If they aren’t spending more time in the office, you can certainly find them “hanging out” with some of their favorite single friends happily enjoying an anti-Valentine post-work cocktail. Perhaps one cocktail will lead to another, and another will lead to an unexpected attraction. In the midst of all this hanging out, perhaps a few sparks might even start flying.

So all of you dating singles, hang out and hang out a lot. Because at the end of the day, you really don’t know where all this hanging out will lead to unless you start hanging out more. Besides, the best relationships usually start off as friendships, and what do friends do all the time? Yes, you guessed it--they hang out.

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Professional Singles and Attraction

How many dates does it usually take for you to decide whether you are attracted to someone or not? It’s Just Lunch asked its Facebook community of professional singles and the answers varied between one and three dates.

Here at It’s Just Lunch, we realize that attraction plays a huge role in the chemistry of dating. In fact, when it comes to determining romantic chemistry, most of the busy professional singles we work with focus very heavily on physical attributes, especially those who look 10 years younger than their actual age as well as those with a strong commitment to fitness and health. It’s only natural to want to be matched up with someone who looks as good and fit as yourself.

The problem with this kind of attraction, however, is that it doesn’t take into account the kind of attraction that is built over a period of time the more you get to know someone. Since time isn’t exactly a luxury for busy singles dating, there are actually a few body language tricks you could use to create instant attraction with someone you are really interested in.

#1) Always smile. Smiles are almost as contagious as sneezes and lets your date know that you are friendly and inviting. Even if you aren’t sure what to say, a smile can go a long way letting your date know that you’re having a great time and enjoy their company.

#2) Keep an open posture. Good body language conveys more than just confidence. It also conveys interest. Are your shoulders and feet facing your date or the door? Are you arms crossed or resting comfortably at your sides? Pay attention to message you’re sending with your body.

#3) Maintain eye contact. Some say that the eyes tell no lies. You can make your date feel uneasy if you’re looking everywhere in the room but at him or her, or you can signal your attraction to your date with a lingering gaze.

#4) Mirror their body language. You can put your date at ease by mimicking their tone of voice or their body language to create an illusion of being in tune with each other. It’s a great way to build rapport with someone new making it easier to connect and communicate.

In general, just be mindful of the way you communicate with your date. Only a small percentage of communication occurs through the words we speak. More than half of all the talking is actually done with your body. What kind of body signals do you use to indicate your attraction for someone? Follow It's Just Lunch of Facebook to let us know how you use body language to indicate interest or disinterest.