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Are you being Googled before or after your first date? You better believe it. In fact, it's almost becoming standard practice now. It's Just Lunch learned that an overwhelming 59.5% of singles admitted to conducting online research on someone they had plans to go on a date with in the near future. Most singles (45.5%) wait until after the first date to research a potential partner but there are still 26.5% of singles who do it before even agreeing to a first date. Another 31.7% of singles surveyed admitted to Googling a potential partner before the first date, but they also admitted they would not cancel a date because of something they found online.

If any of this should come as a surprise to you, well it shouldn’t given how easy it is to search for anything you want with the click of a button. Do you know what comes up in search results when people are searching for you? One way to find out is to Google yourself. Some of the most common search terms being used to learn more about you include your full name, your screen name, your email address and even your phone number if any of these items have been exchanged at any point in time.

There are many pros and cons to researching someone online before a first date. Just make sure you do so with caution, keeping in mind that someone could be very well be looking you up online too. You can’t find out everything about a person online as the Internet is filled with lots of misinformation and duplicate names referring to someone completely different. As in all aspects of dating, take your time and get to know someone offline through a series of interactions you believe will ultimately reveal a person’s true character.