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Like many professional singles, former It's Just Lunch member Brian Mitchell found the bar scene to be a challenging environment for meeting and dating women he could potentially enter into a relationship with. A lot of times, he wasn't sure if the women he was meeting were in fact single. Listen to Brian's personal testimonial of what his dating experience was like as a member of It's Just Lunch dating service for professional singles

The biggest key takeaway from Brian's personal story is very true for many singles no matter what matchmaking or dating services they choose to use. "I thought about what I wanted in a woman, and what I had in my mind of what I wanted her to be like was actually not what I wanted," Brian says in his video testimonial about his transformational experience with It's Just Lunch. 

The beauty of dating through matchmaking is that sometimes you get exactly what you ask for and realize exactly what Brian realized -- that maybe you didn't want what you thought you wanted afterall. And through each and every dating experience you encounter, you start to you start to paint a new, clearer picture of what it is you really want in a companion or mate. Sometimes what we think is best for us isn't always what's best for us so it's really important to be open to going on as many dates as possible for the sake of your own dating clarity. 

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