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Brian Married His It's Just Lunch Date

Like many professional singles, former It's Just Lunch member Brian Mitchell found the bar scene to be a challenging environment for meeting and dating women he could potentially enter into a relationship with. A lot of times, he wasn't sure if the women he was meeting were in fact single. Listen to Brian's personal testimonial of what his dating experience was like as a member of It's Just Lunch dating service for professional singles

The biggest key takeaway from Brian's personal story is very true for many singles no matter what matchmaking or dating services they choose to use. "I thought about what I wanted in a woman, and what I had in my mind of what I wanted her to be like was actually not what I wanted," Brian says in his video testimonial about his transformational experience with It's Just Lunch. 

The beauty of dating through matchmaking is that sometimes you get exactly what you ask for and realize exactly what Brian realized -- that maybe you didn't want what you thought you wanted afterall. And through each and every dating experience you encounter, you start to you start to paint a new, clearer picture of what it is you really want in a companion or mate. Sometimes what we think is best for us isn't always what's best for us so it's really important to be open to going on as many dates as possible for the sake of your own dating clarity. 

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Troops Find Love Matches Through Niche Dating

Dating military man
It is certainly true that the Internet has taken a profound foothold on the landscape of modern dating as we know it. While there are many popular big-name online dating websites everyone has tried at least once, there is a growing number of niche dating websites catered to specific types of people based on similar interests. It's Just Lunch, for example, caters it's services to busy professional singles who share the belief that their careers are just as important to them as their love life and would like to meet other professional singles who feel the same. When singles meet other singles who share similar values, there is no animosity towards the other for having conflicting values in an aspect of your life that is every bit as important to you as your love life.
When you are a busy professional single with not a lot of time to date, a desire grows within you for someone you can come home to or cut loose with, especially when you work in a field that is rather demanding of your time. Professional singles need someone in their lives who share their plight and won't take it personally when duty calls. Professional singles in the military find it especially hard to date because they may be called upon for duty at a moment's notice and are gone for months at a time. They need someone they can trust whole-heartedly.
It's Just Lunch is pleased to find that we were actually one of the niche dating websites mentioned by AirForce Times in an article titled "Shared passions: Troops find love matches on niche websites." 
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Dating Fashion Advice For Single Women

ImagesThis may be the ultimate question for professional singles dating out there: what to wear on a first date? You may be thinking that you have nothing to wear, even if your closet is all jammed up. You don’t need to worry as fashion experts have listed the top do’s and don’ts when it comes to dating fashion. Let this list of tips be your guide before going out on that much anticipated date:

A Dress Is All That Matters

Men like women who show their feminine side. Choose a dress that shows your best assets. It’s advisable that you try on some dresses days before the date so that you would know which best suits you. Remember that you need to be comfortable on that dress as well so that you can make the most out of your date.

Avoid Colors That Look Like They Come From a Funeral

Contrary to popular belief, that little black dress may do more harm than good. Men have this notion that if women wear black, they seem much older and sad looking. Black dresses are appropriate for formal functions, but they are not the best option in making a good first impression on a date. Instead, choose colors that complement your skin tone.

Add a Little Bit of Color

Besides choosing the right color for your dress, add a little bit of make-up to accentuate your beauty. Apply your handy dandy BB cream as your foundation to bring out your best skin tone. A little blush on, mascara, light eye shadow, and lip gloss can do the trick. These little tidbits can bring out your best and beautiful self on that first date.

Don’t Overdo It

When it comes to dressing up and applying make-up for that first date, too much will boil down to something wrong. Don’t try overdoing it by wearing something too sexy or too expensive since this will give him the wrong impression. Don’t overdo your make-up as well that will make you look like a clown.

Be Comfortable In Your Shoes

Shoes can make or break your date. If you can’t walk properly in your heels, ditch it once and for all. Wedges are a good and more comfortable alternative to stilettos. If you insist keeping those high-heeled stilettos, you have to practice walking in them like a pro.

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Are You Happy With Your Dating Life?

Dating for professional singles can be fun and fulfilling, if you are ready to face the challenges that come along with it. It may not always be like walking at the beach during sunset, but remember you can always make your own beautiful story. Dating is allowing yourself to love and be loved in return; it is not always a romantic fantasy. Here are a few tips for professional singles to help improve your dating life for the better:

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

It’s okay to set higher standards for yourself, but keep in mind that no one is perfect. Emphasize your partner's good qualities by being supportive and encouraging. Be forgiving of the imperfections and be willing to make compromises.

Patience Really Is a Virtue

One of the biggest reasons relationships fail is that people are just too busy to make time for each other. Set your priorities straight and find ways on how you can spend more time with your partner. Catching up on a quick lunch date or investing on a romantic weekend getaway will do wonders for your relationship.

Be Present

Being present to whatever your beloved is going through will keep your relationship afloat all throughout the years. It will turn moments of sadness into comfort, as you will be able to share the burden of problems. Even if you are far away from each other, a text or video chat will make all the difference.

Don’t Break Promises

If you can’t fulfill a promise, don’t make one at all. Broken promises are a huge let down, so be very careful if you are making one. If you can fulfill little promises, you’ll have the strength to fulfill bigger ones. If you cannot keep a promise, it is better to not make one at all. Just be realistic and open with your partner.

Go On An Adventure

Make it a point to do something different with your partner every now and then. Go to a place you haven’t eaten before, or go on a road trip to that secluded resort you’ve heard of. Doing something different with your partner will refresh your senses. It will also keep the fire burning in your relationship.

Leave a Relationship When You Aren't Feeling Happy

Knowing when to let go can be one of the most difficult decisions we make involving relationships. But, if you find that the relationship is not satisfying your needs, don't wait around for things to change. If you have discussed your needs with your partner and they are not being met, consider ending the relationship. Many people stay in unhealthy relationships because they fear being alone. But, you might found yourself happier single than in a relationship that is draining you. Mr. or Mrs. Right could be right around the corner but you'll never know if you keep on dating Mr. or Mrs. Wrong.  

Do you think it's better to happy and alone or miserable with company? We vote for happy and alone until the right person finally comes along. 

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Eye Contact in Dating


For many professional singles, eye contact is a critical aspect of building connections with others for dating and for networking. However, the invention of smartphones seems to have created a worldwide epidemic resulting in the decline of eye contact among professional singles all over the world. Could you be sending your date the wrong message through your eye contact?

When it comes to eye contact in dating, it’s best to follow the Goldilocks Principle as a general rule of them. The Goldilocks Principle follows that everything falls into a category of one extreme or another if not somewhere in between those two extremes. In the case of eye contact in dating, too much can come off as slightly agressive and even intimidating, while too little can be portrayed as a lack of interested in the person trying to communicate with you.

Unfortunately, many professional singles are unaware of the message they may be sending through their eye contact. Shy singles, for instance, tend to glance around a lot and avoid eye contact because it makes them uncomfortably nervous talking to someone they are super interested in. On the opposite end of the spectrum, confident singles can sometimes overdo the eye contact when they are really interested in someone but end up sending a creepy vibe to the recipient of their eye flirting.

If you want send the right message with your eye contact, the right amount of eye contact to make would be about 5-7 seconds before looking away. It’s important to maintain eye contact throughout a conversation because it shows that you are listening and that you are present with them as opposed to thinking about something else or tuning them out completely. After about 5-7 seconds of eye contact, that’s when you start to feel like you may be staring. At that point, shift your eye contact to a nearby facial feature as a focal point. A popular place to divert eye contact without looking away is the space between their eyes right above the nose near the middle of the forehead. Another place to look is the lips. The lips are especially great place to look to indicate some level of attraction and build chemistry.

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