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Best Travel Destinations for Singles


It's not too late to do a little traveling over the summer. If the dating pool at home isn't working out for you, consider a solo vacation in another city and get a feel for what dating would be like somewhere else. Sometimes, a change of scene is all you really need to find what you're looking for. It's Just Lunch compiled some of the best travel destinations in the world for singles ready to put themselves out there and expand their dating pools. If you happen to decide that one of these travel destinations will become your new home, then you can connect with one of our matchmakers in the area to start going out on lunch dates.

Washington, DC

Forbes calls Washington, DC. "downright alluring" with all politics set aside. The restaurant scene is starting to take hold over there so there are plenty of places for professional singles  to go for a weekday lunch date. Get matched with Washington DC Singles.

Austin, TX

There is something to be said about the southern charm of a professional single from Texas. In fact, OpenTable ranked Austin  among the top most romantic cities in the US based on a unique formula that included reviews, ratings and other criteria. Have lunch with a sweetheart.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a great place for dating for professional singles in their 30s and 40s. Many of them are genuinely looking for companionship. You'd be a breath of fresh air in this dating scene, especially if you want the same things. Meet professional singles in Sydney

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is a great place to meet new people. The best part about New Orleans is that the city is known for it's food making it an ideal city for professional singles who enjoy dining out to meet up for lunch dates or drinks after work . Speak to New Orleans matchmaker

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is a great place to visit if visiting Niagra Falls, about a 90 minute drive from Toronto, happens to be on your bucket list. Nothing sounds more romantic that taking off to Toronto by your lonesome, meeting another fellow nomad there and going for an adventure with your new friend. Hey, it can happen.... in the movies perhaps, but we can still dream. Talk to a Toronto matchmaking and dating specialist

If you really want to meet that someone special, take a chance, be adventurous and do a little traveling because you never know who you'll meet along the way. You might even learn that nothing or no one is holding you back from your heart's desires but you.  Could a change of scene be just what you need?

Where is your favorite city in the world to visit, and why?

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Traveling Experiences Increase Attractiveness


If your love life isn't what you thought or hoped it would be at this time in your life, then perhaps a trip abroad could be just the thing you need to reclaim your biggest source of happiness--YOU! In much the same way you enjoy spending quality time with your family, friends and loved ones, it is also just as important to spend some quality time with yourself, and beyond the borders of your shower or car. Besides, professional singles who love to travel are a hot commodity on the dating market these days, especially for those using dating services like It's Just Lunch.

There is definitely a certain allure that comes from being a well-traveled professional single. In fact, a recent survey conducted by an Aussie dating website revealed that singles who mentioned traveling on their profile were rated as more attractive than those who didn't. It's a notion that makes a lot of sense considering most people who do a bit of traveling tend to have an adventurous side that others find most attractive, especially for those who find the routine monotony of their lives less than adventuresome.

There are, of course, other benefits to traveling besides being found much more desirable to the opposite sex. Traveling is a great way for professional singles to disconnect from their regular life and relax. Some of the greatest epiphanies about  your life or career can happen when you're disconnected from it all and seeing things from an alternate perspective.  In fact, another benefit of traveling is that every new experience increases your resourcefulness. Your experiences with traveling can help you become  more resilient and make it easier for you to overcome adversity.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of traveling, however, is personal development. Being able to travel the world and learn about other cultures helps singles grow in more ways than one. It can improve their personal lives through the forging of new lifelong friendships. It can improve their professional lives by improving their communication and language development skills. It can sometimes even improve their love lives through a chance meeting with another wondering soul.

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4th of July: Celebrating Interdependence in Relationships

In honor of 4th of July, It's Just Lunch wanted to take a moment to recognize the role independence plays in relationships. While independence is certainly an attractive character trait sought after by many professional singles looking for love and romance, it's important to realize that too much or too little of it can be detrimental to your chances of finding the kind of relationship every working professional seeks.

Singles who exhibit too much independence tend to radiate an energy that is off putting to potential suitors, especially when they make comments about not needing a relationship to be happy. Though it is true that no single should define their happiness by their relationship status, it is completely okay to want, not need, a relationship for the right reasons--to add more value to your life and to maximize your existing happiness with who you are and where you're heading in life.

On the flip side, singles with too little independence tend to exhibit a needy vibe, which can be just as off putting as the I-don't-need-anyone-but-me vibe. Of course, it is nice to feel needed in a relationship, but it does more harm than good when you depend on your relationship far too much to validate your self or sense of worth.

This 4th of July, we want you to treasure the kind of independence-in yourself and the kind of partner you want to meet-that holds the key to a happy, healthy and long-lasting relationship. What we are talking about is mutual independence, otherwise known as interdependence. When two equally independent individuals come together and form an alliance, they create a true partnership that allows them to be independent individuals within their partnership without having to compromise their values or identities.

Professional singles are independent by nature, so the challenge for them is finding someone on their same level. They're smart enough to know that a healthy, interdependent relationship is worth the wait.

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5 Tips for Meeting Your Summer Romance

It just lunch summer dating

One of our It's Just Lunch dating experts and matchmakers was featured on KARE 11 Sunrise morning show offering some great summer romance tips for meeting your match. One of the most important tips to consider is to go outside. Summer romance isn't going to just knock on your doorstep so you're going to have to go outside and put yourself in situations where you are most likely going to meet other professional singles. Another great tip is to RSVP to everything you get invitied to and make it a point to strike up a conversation with at least five new people for every event you attend. The odds of you meeting your summer match will certainly be in your favor with this approach. For more tips on meeting the right person for dating this summer, visit KARE 11 to watch the video clip of It's Just Lunch Minneapolis Matchmaker Stephanie Kluver sharing her summer romance tips.