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Can Facebook Really Help Matchmakers Play Cupid?

Professional matchmakers are experimenting with a new way of finding you a match by using Facebook's Graph Search, a new feature that makes it easier for users to find something or someone that match your specific criteria. For example, you can type in "singles who leave nearby" or "singles who work nearby" to get a results page filled with romantic prospects within your social sphere that you may not have considered. You can modify your search to singles who live in a specific area or professional singles who work for a specific company. You can even extend your search to include your friends of friends, ya know, so you can casually "bump" into someone you think is you cute the next time your mutual friend invites you out to a social event.

According to a recent survey conducted by It's Just Lunch about relationships and technology, it is not at all uncommon for people to use Facebook for an informal, pre-date background check. Professional singles are even using Facebook post-date to verify information received during a date. In a world of online dating, deception is still a major concern for those committed to finding love which is why singles are scoping their dates out online. 

However, there is one major flaw in using Facebook for verifying someone's relationship status, for example. Some people who are "in a relationship" may show up "single" if they did not bother to change their relationship status, or don't believe in changing their relationship status unless someone "puts a ring on it." This raises an interesting yet entirely different question: At what point during a relationship does it become "Facebook official"?

In case you were wondering, It's Just Lunch does not use Graph Search to find matches for its clients and instead uses its own database of singles. Besides, most professional singles never prefer to keep their relationships strictly offline and seldem, if not never, interact with a romantic interest via social media.

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