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How to Maximize Your Lunch Hour


Remember the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” Well, there are other meals that you shouldn’t overlook.  According to surveys from Monster and Career Builder, a good percentage of professionals purchase lunch from vending machines or eat at their desk—if at all, a poor habit that produces the opposite effects intended.

Without a break in the day, afternoon energy levels wane resulting in decreased mental acuity and lower levels of productivity, caution management experts. Sure, in today’s competitive work place, the pressure is on to deliver results in volume and speed, but since when has the fear of lagging behind the pack overcome the basic and healthy need of having a midday meal?

Fact is, though employer and client demands may seem pressing, you can’t afford not to have lunch. A noontime pause is a good time to recalibrate and fine tune other areas of your life. You can reap the benefits, both professionally and personally, from a bit of mental and physical refreshment.

Here at It’s Just Lunch, we find that the time is a good way to meet people face to face, to connect or reconnect. These human encounters have become increasingly valuable in our digital world. Do you want to get to know your colleague better? Ask him for coffee and sandwiches at a nearby café. What about the acquaintance that has romantic potential? Dine her at the trattoria around the corner.

Intimate yet informal, lunch is a session that’s long enough to build bonds, yet short enough to fit easily into your schedule.  And yes, those 45 minutes to an hour be yond the cubicle walls can make a big difference when it comes to relationships—platonic, romantic, business, and otherwise. So go ahead, reach out, and pencil in a lunch date.