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Spooktacular Halloween Date Ideas


Dating during Halloween season has never been so wickedly. It's the perfect time of year for dating when you can literally try on a new identity and take some scary chances at love you normally would be too afraid to take. The best part about dating during Halloween is the adrenaline-fueled chemistry that breeds attraction. If you weren't sure about a potential someone, a Halloween-inspired date night is definitely in order to reveal how you really feel about a person after you've been spooked into each other's arms all night. Here are some spooktacular Halloween date ideas you may want to consider this week in the spirit of Halloween.

1. Hit up a costume party together. While wearing matching costumes isn't a must, it's always fun when you have a partner in crime who is willing to dress to the occassion with you. 

2. Go haunted house hopping. There is bound to be more than a few haunted houses happening in your neighborhood. Make a night of it and try to see how many haunted houses you can visit in one evening. 

3. Dine in the dark with Opaque. With locations in LA, New York, San Diego, Dallas and San Francisco, couples can enjoy a nice dinner in pitch blackness like Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel tried to in the film "When in Rome". Make sure you save this idea for at least a second date, as it would be a great way to further test physical chemistry without any visuals. 

4. Watch a horror movie marathon. For a more laid back or intimate evening, take advantage of any number of channels featuring horror movies every night of the week for the entire month. You can also rent each of your favorite horror films and watch them back to back cuddling up on the couch. The best way to do a horror movie marathon however would be a local outdoor drive-in or a cemetery if those options are available in your area. 

We've got quite a few other Halloween date ideas, but the more we go on, the more we're starting to realize that perhaps dating someone new on all Hallow's Eve might be a little scary. Maybe these kinds of dates should be reserverd for after at least the third date. What do you think?

Have you ever met someone special at a Halloween party?

Three Tips on How to Talk Money


There’s no denying it: when it comes to dating, money matters, whether it’s small date expenditures or longer term investments. It’s a fact that many a dispute and divorce stem from the almighty dollar. But how soon is too soon to discuss dollars and cents with your partner, particularly when your relationship is just in its beginning stages?  Well, you may feel as if other people’s money is a touchy issue or plain none of your beeswax. But you won’t want to wait until you’re walking down the aisle to tackle the subject head on. Dating a financial deadbeat? Better to know sooner rather than later. If you're at a loss for words or unsure on how to go about it, here are three things to keep in mind. 

* Test the Waters. Start off by discussing general attitudes toward personal finances rather than specific situations. You can get an idea of your partner’s lifestyle, spending habits, and relationship towards money when talking about big-picture ideas instead of exact numbers. When your partner knows that you’re not putting his or her finances under the microscope, he or she will feel more open to the discussion and less on the defensive.

* Talk about money before it’s a problem. When a conjugal life seems on the horizon, start discussing and planning solutions to different case scenarios before they actually arise. What would you do if your account is withdrawn or you’ve maxed out on your credit cards? What if you miss a mortgage payment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of setting up joint accounts? You’ll be able to discuss potential issues calmly and collectively when you’re not under the gun of actually having to deal with them.

* Trust your Instincts. Does he pick up the bill without looking at it? Does she wear designer labels while she’s living off a grad school stipend? Heed the warning signs. You don’t necessarily have to delve into credit scores to find out if he or she is financially responsible, but if your partner is asking you for a loan or you’re planning a big joint purchase, don’t be afraid to do your due diligence.

Tips for Taking a First Trip Together


So you’ve gotten through the several-month anniversary mark, through the initial period of uncertainty of does he (or she) like me?  By now, you know that she likes no milk in her coffee and that he’s allergic to shellfish; and together you’ve uncovered your favorite restaurants, walks in the park, and intimate evenings out. But a test of each other’s true colors lies not in the amount of time spent together, but in an exhilarating but potentially make-or-break activity that we at It’s Just Lunch love: travel.  As the saying goes, you don’t really know people until you travel with them. And it’s not until you’ve braved unfamiliar destinations, negotiated bathroom breaks, or endured long layovers and cancelled flights that you’ve put yourself (and the relationship) on trial.

Newly dating? You’ll want to start off slow.  If you’re traveling for the first time together, here are some tips to make your voyage hitch-free.

* Start off right. A first trip (and the planning of it) is symbolic of things to come. How do you want to set the tone? Mutually agree upon a destination and type of trip. If you’re into mountain climbing and she’s not, maybe you’ll want to save that adventure trek for another time. Have different interests? Pick a place that has a little bit of everything: beaches, shopping, culture, nature. Rio de Janeiro or Vancouver are good examples.  

* Talk money. Sort out the financial details before your trip. What is your budget? Who’s going to pay for what?  There’s nothing worse than arguing about dollars and cents when you’re supposed to be sipping mojitos at sunset. 

* Imagine worse case scenarios. What if you get food poisoning (or worse)? Or your flight is delayed? Or get into an accident with the rental car? Unexpected incidents can only be expected when traveling, but they can also be stressors on a budding romance. Check into travel insurance plans, write down emergency phone numbers, and draw up a contingency plan for anything you think could possibly go wrong.

* Surprise each other. Travel is about discovery. In this case, it’s just as much about people (in other words, each other) as it is about place.  Plan, but leave some room for spontaneity. Why not wander down a side street instead of the main avenue? And if you get lost, you may stumble upon a gem of a bistro when you’re navigating your way back together. Or what about an impromptu serenade under a bridge? Build your trip from your own experience (and don’t worry too much about the guidebooks.)




How to Keep Football from Ruining Your Love Life


Now that we’re in the midst of football season, we have a question for you sports fans: Are you spending more time in front of the flat screen than you are in front of your significant other? Football has been likened to an all-too alluring mistress:  the one that makes enthusiasts ignore calls and texts, glance at their phones during conversations at dinner, and spend late nights away from home. Though a little sport never hurt anyone, if you’re more tuned into the game than your partner, than the romance can quickly collapse and fizzle.

So how does one strike a balance between sports time and together time?  How to keep the flame burning (or at least flickering)? One way, according to It’s Just Lunch dating expert Stephanie Kluver, is to make football a social event. Get singles (or couples) together, bring out the beer and wings, and make it an excuse to meet people and make new connections. Not into the game at all? Protect yourself from feeling left out by doing your own thing. Schedule a girls’ nights out on the days when he’s cheering on his team with the guys.  Another suggestion? Diversify. Guys: Don’t make football the continuous topic of conversation. Talk about other things. (Life does happen outside the stadium.) And ladies: If he’s really into it, go with the flow, try to see what makes the game interesting. The lessons learned from football—engaging your partner, managing individual and shared interests—are important relationship skills that will come in handy, even when the season is over.

 For more of Stephanie’s tips, watch the full video filmed in Minneapolis.