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Spooktacular Halloween Date Ideas


Dating during Halloween season has never been so wickedly. It's the perfect time of year for dating when you can literally try on a new identity and take some scary chances at love you normally would be too afraid to take. The best part about dating during Halloween is the adrenaline-fueled chemistry that breeds attraction. If you weren't sure about a potential someone, a Halloween-inspired date night is definitely in order to reveal how you really feel about a person after you've been spooked into each other's arms all night. Here are some spooktacular Halloween date ideas you may want to consider this week in the spirit of Halloween.

1. Hit up a costume party together. While wearing matching costumes isn't a must, it's always fun when you have a partner in crime who is willing to dress to the occassion with you. 

2. Go haunted house hopping. There is bound to be more than a few haunted houses happening in your neighborhood. Make a night of it and try to see how many haunted houses you can visit in one evening. 

3. Dine in the dark with Opaque. With locations in LA, New York, San Diego, Dallas and San Francisco, couples can enjoy a nice dinner in pitch blackness like Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel tried to in the film "When in Rome". Make sure you save this idea for at least a second date, as it would be a great way to further test physical chemistry without any visuals. 

4. Watch a horror movie marathon. For a more laid back or intimate evening, take advantage of any number of channels featuring horror movies every night of the week for the entire month. You can also rent each of your favorite horror films and watch them back to back cuddling up on the couch. The best way to do a horror movie marathon however would be a local outdoor drive-in or a cemetery if those options are available in your area. 

We've got quite a few other Halloween date ideas, but the more we go on, the more we're starting to realize that perhaps dating someone new on all Hallow's Eve might be a little scary. Maybe these kinds of dates should be reserverd for after at least the third date. What do you think?

Have you ever met someone special at a Halloween party?