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When all your single friends start getting hitched and the bar scene starts to get old, many busy professionals end up turning to speed dating events, online dating and even professional matchmaking as a means for meeting a partner in crime with long-term potential. While all of these dating options are wonderful ways to meet new people, It's Just Lunch has an alternative solution most singles may not have even considered yet-- volunteering. Need a good reason to start volunteering? Here are just a few:

1. Meet new like-minded people. 

Most singles want to be with someone who is kind and generous with their time and/or affections which makes volunteering such a great way to meet those kind of people for dating. The holidays are the  perfect time of  year to showcase those good samaritan qualities of yours. 

2. Propel your career forward.

The networking opportunities that volunteering brings can definitely help boost your career. It's a great way to increase your job prospects and give potential employers, clients and referrals the chance to get a feel for your work ethics. Someone who volunteers well with others is likely to work well with others in the workplace as well.

3. Get in shape.

Many volunteering opportunities require some physical activity like walking along a beach or hiking up a nearby trail to pick up trash. Some require lots of heavy lifting. Other opportunities include marathons or even triatholons. If you want to meet someone who is healthy, fit and looks great for their age, but you aren't looking so hot yourself, use this as a chance to mingle with your type and get motivated to look just as good for yourself.

4. Make a difference in the lives of others.

Nothing is sexier than someone who is making a difference in someone's life, maybe even yours hopefully. Whether it's coaching a local youth sports team or Christmas caroling at a nursing home, these small gestures of selflessness are likely to transcend over into personal relationships as well. It's really hot and makes you uber attractive when you are so giving of your time to those who need it most. 

5. Improve your love life! 

Did you know that being altruistic makes your more attractive to the opposite sex? Think about it. When you are giving of yourself to others, it shows potential dating prospects that you can be just as giving with your heart. Besides, volunteeering makes you happy which often translates into your dating life. 

What kind of vounteer work do you do or would like to do?