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We as singles lead busy lives. When we’re not pursuing our hobbies or gunning for promotions, we’re nurturing our social connections, and just plain juggling. Although we at It’s Just Lunch advocate that some things are better face to face —and away from the addictive distraction of smart phones and computers—there’s no doubt that our on-the-go lifestyles could benefit from some digital streamlining. Here are a few fun apps to help you check off some basic tasks (and prepare you for a little romance while you’re at it).

1.     Give a gift. In this tech-driven world, it’s easy to get impersonal. That’s why the premise behind Bond is such a precious one: Purchase a present from your device (a bottle of wine, chocolates, or cuff links, for example), and it will be delivered with a note digitally inscribed in your own handwriting—a human touch that underlines the true value of gifts: the thought behind them.

2.     Keep track of your social calendar. Ketchup! confronts the dilemma of having too many friends and too little time. When you send activity requests to friends (say, play pool with Brian), you build a roster that acts as a reminder or to-do list, increasing the likelihood of turning casual intentions (Hey, let’s have dinner sometime!) into actual outings.

3.     Plan date nights in. Some of the most intimate evenings with your partner are the ones chez soi. Cozy up on the couch and order nibbles for two from Delivery.com, which whisks delectables from local restaurants and food vendors right to your doorstep. It also has a plan-ahead service to time your deliveries and offers some romance-enhancers in select cities: bouquets of flowers, and wine and spirits.

4.     Get Inspired. Users of Snapguides share step-by-step visual guides in categories ranging from cooking and entertaining to sports and the outdoors. Some of the entries are just plain silly (How to Make a Starbucks Dog Costume), but there’s plenty of fodder for date ideas and creative things to do.

5.     Find activities. If you’re looking to be in the know of what’s happening in the moment, browse SpinGo, an aggregator of events in major cities in the U.S., powered by a network of local partners. The outings are presented in an eye-pleasing Pinterest-like grid of images. Concert or gallery opening, anyone?

6.     Stargaze. An augmented reality app, Star Chart interprets the constellations. Point your device at the sky—during the day or at night—and the Chart will identify any planet, astrological sign, or heavenly body in the universe. Zoom in a little closer: What do you see in the stars?