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The Money Talk


Finances aren’t a priority when you first start dating someone new, but as the relationship progresses and you both pass over the initial hurdles with ease as a team, you’re eventually going to have to face the financial discussion at some point in time, sooner rather than later. When you’re serious about the relationship and your partner shares the same feelings, there’s no reason why the both of you shouldn’t be able to share your viewpoints on your personal approach to spending and saving money, especially considering that finances has often played a leading role in divorces. When you’re single, your decisions regarding finances don’t really affect anyone but you, but when you’re in a relationship, it’s always a good idea to get your partner involved in a way that benefits both of you.

The way you control your finances affects every tiny bit of your everyday routine. It impacts what you eat for lunch, what type of apartment you live in, what kind of clothes you buy and the mode of transport you use. You need to include your significant other in these decisions as the money is going to affect you both.

The truth is that partners love to talk to each other for hours on end as they get to know more about each other, but rarely does the topic of money and how to spend or save it ever cross their minds as something worthy of a discussion. Even if it does, most people are afraid to bring it up as they don’t want to scare away their new partner away by raising the topic too soon, causing possible complications for the relationship.

If the two of you feel really comfortable around each other and spend enough time together to feel like a real couple, it’s time for you to address the money issue. It’s not about being unreasonable or disapproving of the partner’s approach towards money; the goal of the money talk is to align your finances so that you can rest assured knowing that the two of you won’t have to face a monetary issue because of irresponsible expenditures and useless shopping. You also don’t want to have have to put your sweetheart on a leash for this or cause your partner to feel guilty about or even envious of your money habits.

Money is a concern that is associated with both of you and you two should be able to draw out a budget that works the best for the couple. The purpose for having a discussion about finances and saving money is to secure your future together, if there is one. When you plan on having the money talk with your partner, frame it in a positive manner so they won’t take it offensively. Negative terminology can trigger an argument so it’s best to talk about it in a casual or light-hearted manner to draw your partner’s attention to the subject.

The idea isn’t to impose your views on your partner. Each of you is an independent professional single with the right to make their own decisions. The money talk is mainly to help you two get to a better, mutual place of understanding that will  help you keep your expenses in line so you can both afford to do things you would love to do as a couple without worrying about one person contributing more or less than the other. By coming to a mutual approach to money management as a couple, you can save a lot for your future without compromising your respective lifestyles.