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Assistant entertainment editor Hayden Manders wrote quite the entertaining piece on modern dating problems over at Refinery29.com. The piece includes fun graphics displayed in a slideshow format illustrating 10 of the newest dating anxieties singles face as a direct result of text messaging playing a more integral role in dating and relationships. 

"Now that we're fully aware of our ability to hide behind emotionless, glowing words, our yearning to somehow convey emotion has skyrocketed," writes the beanies-crazed editor. "The emphasis has shifted away from tonal reflection to grammatical nuances and emoticons. Since we've removed the audible voice from conversation, our need to know whether our digital voice was delivered, heard, and seen is now paramount to our sense of well-being," he writes. 

Did you get my text?

The bane of our dating lives now rests on knowing whether someone saw our text message and wondering why they haven't had time to respond if they had time to read their text messages or update their Facebook status. 

For the record, do yourself a favor and turn off "Send Read Receipts" under your message settings (if you have an iPhone). If you leave it on, you're leaving others in agony when you don't respond right away. Leave it off and keep people in suspense instead. 

Um... ok.

Another interesting dating anxiety Manders brings up is the difference between "ok" and "k." You knew in your gut there was a clear difference between these two Ks, but shrugged it off figuring you may have been over thinking it. Well, we're here to tell you that you are not crazy at all. While the first variation denotes nonchalance, the second variation denotes irritation or annoyance. There is a caveat here dependent upon the texting style of the person you're texting. If the person isn't a real big texter or is always on the go, one word or one letter responses may be completely normal and thus no cause for alarm. 

Emoticons overkill.

Have you ever exchanged text messages with someone that ends almost every text message with a smiley face or a wink? After awhile, you start to wonder whether the person sending the text is overcompensating for something.... a lack of conversation skills, perhaps? The frustrating part about emoticons is that there aren't any clear-cut rules on how or when to use them. What we do know, however, is that using them too much can indeed hinder your dating prospects. 

Earlier this year, TIME reported that men who used smiley faces in their dating profiles or in messages received significantly lower response rates than those who refrained from emoticons altogether. You may want to play it safe and refrain from emoticons when first exchanging text messages with someone new until you get to know their texting style.

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