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The ease, convenience, and flexibility of working from home make it an attractive option for many employees.  But there are drawbacks, too—especially if you're single and looking for love.  At home you don't bump into an attractive new hire at the water cooler.  There's no mixing and mingling at office parties and no getting fixed up with coworkers' friends and siblings.  What should you do if your apartment doubles as your 9-5 locale?  Read on to learn 3 important strategies!

Get Out of The House.
This one's a no-brainer.  To find The One you have to meet The One and unless you fall madly in love with your mail carrier, you'll need to step out of your home office to interact with dating prospects.  Naturally your work shouldn't suffer so head to a coffee house or café with wi-fi and set up shop.  Bonus Tip:  Establish a routine by frequenting the same places at the same time.  This will allow fellow bachelors and bachelorettes to check you out and know where they'll be able to run into you again.    

Schedule "Looking For Love" Time Each Week.  We'd all prefer a movie-like "meet cute," but in the real world, finding love usually takes a great deal of time, energy, and strategy.  Since you work from home you skip the commute and therefore have a bit more space in your schedule.  Why not direct some of that time toward your dating endeavors?  Bonus Tip:  Take advantage of technology!  Use your smart phone's Reminders app and schedule specific "Looking for Love" efforts in your calendar e.g. Tuesday, 10:00 – 10:15 am: Search The Web for this month's singles' events.  By doing so, you'll keep your love life a priority and directly tackle the challenges of meeting people sans fellow employees.

Creative Networking.  Clocking in at home presents unique networking challenges for generating both business and personal contacts.  The good news is you're not alone; you just need to find others in your same situation.   Consider joining a Meetup group for those who work from home or are self-employed.  This will enable you to accomplish two important tasks—fostering business relationships while putting you in a social context that could lead to love.  Bonus Tip:  Working from home grants you the luxury of closing deals in your pajamas.  But remember, pjs aren't yet considered business casual, so be sure to step out in your best when connecting face to face!

Working from home needn't hamper your social life if you remain proactive and intentional.  Practice the pointers above to stay focused on your personal goals.  You'll see you can still find love despite a cubicle-free work environment!