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Tips for Finding Love before the Holidays

78819813When the calendar turns to November, you start thinking about the impending holidays. When you’re single, that means envisioning the holidays alone. Family dinner with your siblings and their significant others. Your company Christmas party. New Year’s Eve.

‘Tis the season alright…the season for receiving constant reminders that you’re single.

The good news: there’s still time. Here’s where we think you should be spending some time over the next few weeks to up your chances of snagging a date before the holidays.

Give back

No matter where you live, there are bound to be charitable organizations nearby who would welcome a new volunteer with open arms. In addition to daily, weekly or monthly events and activities where they need manpower, many charities also host networking and fundraising events that bring all of their volunteers together. Get out and do some good and maybe you’ll meet a like-minded philanthropist along the way.

Root for the home team

It’s a great time of year to meet someone at a sporting event! From college and pro football to hockey, basketball and more, attending a game can be a great way to meet someone. Go early with a friend and have a drink at a nearby bar where other fans are bound to be socializing before the game. Find excuses to strike up a conversation while you’re waiting in line for that hot dog, and give that good-looking single behind you a high five after the next touchdown. Some teams even sponsor singles nights with specially-designated sections for singles to mix and mingle, so check the schedule.

Do what you enjoy

If you haven’t heard of, it’s a great way to find other people who share your interests. Maybe you like to kayak or wouldn’t mind dusting off that expensive camera you bought last year for your trip to Costa Rica and then shoved in the back of a closet. You can search by your interest or by distance from your zip code to find groups meeting nearby where you can indulge in your favorite hobby or hone new skills, and maybe even meet someone along the way. At least you’ll know you already have one thing in common.

Learn something new

Take a class - any kind of class. From cooking to salsa dancing to yoga, classes are a great way to meet new people. Dancing classes in particular are great for singles because you’ll be matched with a partner of the opposite sex. You can usually find plenty of classes to choose from through your local gym, church, community college or even in the newspaper. You can also check Groupon and LivingSocial to discover new classes, save a buck or two, and up the odds other newbies will be attending the class. Even if you walk away without a date, at least you’ll have broadened your horizons with a new skill.  

Find a park with some bark

Dog parks are a great way to meet new people, because you’ve got your furry wingman with you. You’ve already got your love of canine companions in common, and inevitably they do something funny you can use as an icebreaker. Don’t have a dog? Check in with a local shelter – it’s becoming increasingly popular to “rent” shelter dogs out for the day to those who can’t commit to Fido full time but who’d love to have a furry friend for the day.

Grab a good book

Stop downloading books on your Kindle and start hanging out in the aisles of your local bookstore. Unlike a bar, that sexy single you spot isn’t likely to be in deep conversation with friends you have to interrupt. Starting a conversation is as easy as asking for a book recommendation. Not to mention that if they’re hanging out in the same section, you probably already have something in common.

Get your nose out of your phone

Put down the phone. How many eligible singles do you pass by every day in the grocery store, drugstore, or coffee shop who you don’t even notice because you’re checking your email? Be aware of your surroundings. Ask for help, ask for recommendations, chit chat in the checkout line. You never know who you might meet where you least expect it.

Let someone else do the hard work

Don’t have time to spend strolling through the park or learning to do the cha-cha? Let the experts at It’s Just Lunch do the work for you. A matchmaking service for busy professionals, the matchmakers at It’s Just Lunch take the time to learn what you’re looking for and help you find it. You never know when that low pressure lunch date is going to turn into someone you’d love to take home for the holidays.

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