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Men: Gift Advice for the Woman You're Dating

93952913It’s the last weekend before Christmas, which means men across the nation will be descending upon shopping malls desperately seeking the perfect present for their beloved…and, of course, hating every minute of it.

The whole experience is only that much more stressful when you’ve only been dating a few months or even just a few weeks. Is she expecting a present? And if she is, what should you get her?

We polled women so we could arm you with the answers you need!

If you’ve been dating less than a month…

You might be able to get away with getting her nothing. Seriously! Forty-five percent of women in our survey said they don’t expect a gift if you’ve been dating less than a month.

But, come on now…do you just want to be the kind of guy who does just enough to get by? If you’re both in town for the holidays, consider making reservations for a nice meal or maybe taking in some holiday lights at your nearest local attraction.

If you’ve been dating 1-3 months…

Your wallet will be glad to hear that no women in our survey expected you to spend over $100 on their gift if you’ve only been dating a few months. In fact, nearly 40 percent said they’d be happy with a nice dinner. Don’t think she’s that type? Consider something like this iPad case that looks a lot more expensive than it really is:

If you’ve been dating 3-6 months…

Over half of the women surveyed expected you to spend $51-100 on a gift if you’ve been dating for 3-6 months. It’s tough to go wrong with jewelry, and you can actually snag some nice jewelry made by a designer she’ll recognize in this price range, like these Kate Spade earrings:

Pick the rose gold for something a little different she probably doesn’t already have.

If she’s not a jewelry kind of gal, maybe she loves toting her camera around on all of your adventures together? Check out this wifi-enabled memory card that backs up all her photos automatically and allows for easy social sharing:

Check out our other gift ideas on our Holidating Gift Guide on Pinterest (you don’t need an account to view it):

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The (nearly) foolproof gift

We saved the best for last. There is, in fact, one nearly foolproof gift: time with you.

No, showing up at her house on Christmas Eve and suggesting you watch a movie probably isn’t going to cut it, but you might not need jewelry or cashmere to win her affections.

Nearly 60 percent of women said they’d rather have a shared experience, such as a concert or other event, than a tangible gift. If you’ve been dating for less than three months, a whopping 84 percent of women would be happy with a nice dinner or tickets to a future event together.

If you’re not exclusive yet, and you’re still keeping your options open, look for something happening in the next few weeks. If you’re really into her though and want to show her you plan on sticking around for awhile, take a risk and buy tickets for a concert in March or plan a weekend getaway for a long weekend in January or February.

Women are by nature planners; men are not. You’ll be surprised how appreciative she’ll be when you take a little initiative and plan something in advance with her in mind. Plus, you’ll get to spend the next few weeks or months looking forward to it together!

The fool’s gift 179002977a

If you’ve been dating more than six months and marriage has come up at all, avoid jewelry that comes in a small square box. When she opens it to find diamond studs instead of a diamond engagement ring, you probably won’t get the reaction you were planning. Don’t risk it. If you want to buy her jewelry at this stage, try a nice necklace or a bracelet that comes in a box way too big for a ring. Just trust us on this one.

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What kind of Christmas present do you buy someone when you've only been dating a few months? What if it's been six months or 12 months? 

It's that time of the year when we all agonize over what to buy for the people in our lives. Perhaps one of the hardest gifts to choose is the one meant for the person you're dating. You don't know how much to spend. You worry the gift says too much - or too little. It's like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, except it's you and the three items you've been carrying around a crowded department store all evening.

Here at It's Just Lunch, we spend all year introducing singles to their match. We want to be here beyond the first hellos and the first dates and guide couples through their first holiday together.

But...we need your help! We want to hear what YOU want to find under the tree Christmas morning from that certain someone. Introducing our very first Pinterest contest....

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