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479146411It's been a trending phrase for months, if not years: work-life balance. It's about finding that elusive sweet spot where your personal and professional life balance, not taking too much out of the other.

However, the idea of "when you're at work, you're at work" is slightly outdated. The truth of it is, our lives have become a beautifully blended mash-up of our hobbies, activities, relationships and goals. We've allowed segments of our lives to bleed into other areas.

If you’re like most professional singles, you may have forgotten what it means to have personal time because you’ve dedicated any free time you do get to growing your career or business. The lines may have even started blurring if your social life revolves around work like it does for so many professionals who spend most of their waking days with clients, colleagues and associates.

Have you ever placed you phone on the table during a date? Just in case something important comes in from the front lines at the office? We are a distracted society that has yet to find a balance between our life demands.

What it comes down to is what is important to you and how much control over the situation YOU THINK you have. You have the power to turn your phone off or at least on vibrate. Most emails can wait the few hours you are spending on a date. It is up to you to set the boundaries within your life. What matters to you?

Just like you need to put time in at the gym to stay in shape, you have to put in the time to dating if you have any shot at meeting worthy of your time and affections. Analyze how you’re really spending your time (binge watching Netflix originals? Surfing the net?) and make the changes needed so you can get more focused on your relationship goals.

In summary, finding balance between love and career is all about segmenting your time, and taking the right actions during time dedicated to improving your personal and professional life. Everyone has their own schedule, but everyone has more free time at their disposal than they realize.

This post originally appeared on It's Just Lunch Vancouver's blog