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Dating today and yesteryear

Today’s technology has reared its head into pretty much everything, from the way we communicate with each other to how we do business. What about the romantic aspect of our lives? How has technology changed the way we date or meet new people? Well, if you ask the matchmakers, modern technology has impacted dating dramatically.

Dating Back Then

Remember how we used to date back in the 80s, when we were still in school. Calling up your crush’s home phone, getting thoroughly scrutinized by her dad and finally being given the green signal. Or how about meeting that perfect stranger in a coffee shop or a date at the movies? Seemed pretty simple didn’t it? That’s because we’re borrowing these things from pop culture classics such as ‘Dazed and Confused’ and ‘Friends’; this didn’t happen in real life!

In fact, dating was pretty hard back then, more specifically due to the limitations in communication. If your significant other was moving abroad for college, it meant an end to a 3 year old relationship. There was no Skype, email or even cell phones to keep in touch with someone that lived past the state line.

Besides that, your prospective dating partners were just limited to people who lived in a drivable radius. Truth be told, the outlets were pretty limited, which made things pretty tough.

Dating Today

Look around you today; we’ve got a million dating sites, Skype, meet strangers online channels and even Russian mail bride services! The latter means you could literally talk to a woman 30,000 miles away and tie the knot online! Yes, dating is indubitably much easier now, as there are no communication constraints.

But that’s just one side of the equation. If you ask us, technology has affected dating in both a good and a bad way. We already mentioned how it has positively affected the love game; now let’s look at the negatives.

Probably the most noticeable negative impact of new technology is the lack of romance in dating. There’s simply no more excitement left in meeting someone new and getting to know about them. Like someone you met at a networking event? Simply do a search on Facebook and get to know everything about them. It gets even creepier, as you may even check out the places they have worked at before, what their interests are and even a background check on any past relationships they have had.

No matter how much we hate to admit it, technology has definitely impacted the ‘excitement’ factor of a first date. Romantic gestures such as sending flowers from a different state or planning a surprise birthday party mean nothing anymore, as you can simply log on to the millions of services online that can do that for you with the tap of a button.

However, this doesn’t mean there’s no hope for love. It all depends on you, how you adapt to this new change. At least with online dating sites, you can choose to check out only those people that have something in common with you, or are looking for the same thing as you. It’s not all that bad either, as there are more sociable outlets now.

Dogs, Dates or Kids?

The New York Post reported a story about a rising trend in single professional women chosing pet ownership over motherhood. According to the report, there's been a significant drop in the number of babies being born to women under 30 in recent years. Meanwhile, the American Pet Products Association reported an increase in the number of dogs under 25 pounds. As it turns out, single women in their late 20s and early 30s happen to be the demographic most inclined to adopting a new furry friend.

There are three main reasons why professional single women are chosing dogs over motherhood, and sometimes even over dates: less hassle; lower investment; greater rewards. Let's explore some of these reasons a little bit more in detail. 

Less hassle. A lot of young single women are putting off marriage until much later in life because they've adopted the harsh reality that if they ever have kids, they'll most likely be raising it alone after seeing so many of their single mom friends do it on their own without a stable father figure for their kid. Every child needs a father as much as it needs a mother so women are simply being smart about the kid thing. It's simply not worth the hassle until their careers are in order and they have the ability to support themselves and another human being, or until they meet a guy who actually wants to have kids and be the father figure every kid needs. 

Lower investment. The best part about having a dog over a kid is the fact that taking care of a dog is low maintenance in comparison to frequent diaper changes or temper tantrums. There's also the fact that you won't have anyone calling social services on you for leaving your kid at home alone the way you would dog. Kids are without a doubt much more costly to raise than a puppy. Not just in terms of dollars and cents but in terms of time and energy. 

Greater rewards. As more women put off marriage in favor of their careers, they're finding that dogs bring more joy into their lives than a child would. They can go about their daily lives without a care. They can go out any time they want without having to worry about finding a babysitter at the last minute. They get all the benefits of motherhood without actually being a mother. Having a dog over a kid affords them the luxury of time, fluidity of resources and more happiness as a result. 

It looks like all the single men might have a little competition ;)