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New Year's Resolutions for Dating: Diet and Fitness

Eat better. Lose weight. Find love. These are all common resolutions at the start of any new year. We polled over 5,000 singles to find out just how important diet and fitness are in their dating search, and what we learned is that most people simply want someone whose lifestyle matches their own. 186470165


A new year, a new you. Maybe you're cutting out sugar or meat from your diet, or maybe you're concentrating on portion control. You probably have many reasons for wanting to adjust your diet, but for many of us it's about weight loss and looking and feeling more attractive.

Our survey revealed that many of you, whether you recognize it or not, factor diet and eating habits into the dating process. Maybe it's just your nerves, but 41 percent of women and 37 percent of men admitted to eating less than they normally would on a first date. 

What was really interesting was how men and women reacted differently to a date who didn't eat much. Thirty-two percent of the men said they think a woman is trying to impress him when she picks at her meal on a date. Nineteen percent said they were glad she is watching her waistline.

Meanwhile, women found men who didn't eat on dates to be a turnoff - 24 percent of them thought the man was just trying to save money by eating less and nearly 30 percent thought it revealed he didn't like eating out. 

Scared to order the ribeye because she just revealed she's a vegetarian and ordered a salad? Only 20 percent of our respondents said it was important to them that their partner share their same eating habits, so go ahead and order something you'll enjoy. 


The other piece of looking and feeling attractive, of course, is related to your level of physical fitness. Confidence is attractive, and for many of us our confidence is tied to what we see in the mirror. That's probably why so many - 73 percent of the women in our survey and 66 percent of the men - said they get themselves in shape before they start dating. 

Physical fitness also happens to be something many of us find important when looking for a potential partner. Forty-eight percent of men and forty percent of women surveyed said it is "extremely important" to them that the person they're dating be in good shape, and just four percent of both men and women said it wasn't important at all. 

So how in shape do you need to be? The survey revealed that most people simply want someone whose physical fitness matches their own. 

We all know physical attraction is important, but beyond that most of us want to be with someone who can join us in our favorite activities. When physical fitness levels differ drastically, the odds that you can enjoy the same activities together - whether that's running or rock climbing or skiing - are greatly reduced. 

And it turns out that being in a relationship with someone might actually improve your fitness level. A third of both men and women in the survey said working out becomes more of a priority once they're in a romantic relationship, and nearly fifty percent said they are "extremely likely" to encourage their partner to be more active. 

As you think about your diet and exercise resolutions for the new year, remember to make your goals about you. It's feeling great about yourself that will attract the type of person you want to be dating.

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Does Employment Status Make a Difference In Dating?

Recently, It's Just Lunch was featured on Opposing Views for a survey it did concerning how professional singles feel about dating someone who has a job versus someone who is unemployed or "in between" jobs as most professionals might prefer. It's tough admitting when you're single and unemployed to prospective romantic interests, but it's even tougher when you're a man.

For some singles, their identity is greatly associated  with their employment status, men in particular. In fact, in his book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man", even Steve Harvey admits that men define themselves by three things: who he is (his job title),  what he does (how he earns that job title) and how much he makes (the rewards for the fruits of his labor). In turn, he also writes that if a man truly loves a woman, he will do three things for her: provide, protect and profess his love for his woman. But the only way a man will be willing to profess his love to a woman, according to Steve Harvey's logic anyway, is if he is getting at least three things from his woman: support, loyalty and of course, sex. 

But there is a flipside to this logic. How do women define themselves if not by some of the standards men hold themselves accountable? The reason for posing this question is because of a recent "Scrubs Study" (as Cosmopolitan magazine is now referring to it as) by It's Just Lunch indicating that although women are not okay dating a man without a job, men are more than okay dating an unemployed woman. While this may be good news to unemployed single women, it's almost at the detriment of their own self-esteem. This begs the question as to how women define themselves.

In an age of feminism, women too are defining themselves by the same set of standards as men... who they are, what they do and how much they make... because single women today are living in a world where they need to be able to provide and protect themselves, even profess their love to themselves because unemployment for anyone, man or woman, can definitely put a dent in one's self-esteem. 

Although the results of the so-called "Scrubs Study" by It's Just Lunch revealed that employment status only makes a difference for woman and not so much for men (on account of the fact that being able to provide for a woman makes a man feel more like a man), it would not be too far-fetched at all to say that employment status may in fact make a difference for men as well. The reason for this is because men want to be with a woman who is confident and secure with who she is and where she is at in life, and that may not always be the case when a woman is single and unemployed. 

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Dating for Busy Professional Singles


A new dating survey from It's Just Lunch revealed that 41% of respondents always make time for dates--even if it means eating lunch at a nice desk or right outside of your office building. Only 2% of the busy professional singles who responded said they canceled on dates due to work-related activities. Are you one of them? If not, where's the most unconventional place you've ever had a first date? Follow It's Just Lunch on Facebook to share your most memorable first date story.

Are You In The Right Profession for Dating?


Can mixing business with pleasure lead to romantic opportunities? While some professional singles try to keep them separate, others can’t help but mix the two. In the latest It’s Just Lunch Survey, we asked more than 4,000 singles how they mix business and pleasure from their preferred first date activity to how much time they devote between work and play.The results revealed an interesting trend indicating the role reversals of men and women in their attitudes toward dating.

Did you know that 45% of women are more likely to talk about business or work-related topics than their male counterparts, fifty-five percent (55%) of which stray away from such discussions? Despite the fact that one quarter of the singles we surveyed prefer dating an entrepreneur or business owner, one interesting thing It’s Just Lunch discovered was that 26% of men had a higher preference for dating someone in the medical field, while 31% of women showed a higher preference for dating business executives. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Women like talking about business so dating a business executive would be ideal. The problem for these women, however, is that most of these business executive types would rather talk about something completely unrelated to their profession, which makes dating someone in the medical field a much more attractive option. But men aren’t the only ones who prefer diversity in their relationships.

In fact, most of the singles we polled (69%) prefer dating someone in a different industry altogether. One possible reason for wanting to date someone outside your profession is to avoid competition or jealousy. When you run in the same professional circle, it’s hard not to bring work home with you. Besides, diversity is what makes relationships fun and exciting. It can also keep conversations from going dull.

The least desired professions to date included real estate, finance and law since professionals in those field are considered most likely to bring work home with them. Women especially have a hard time drawing the line between work and play while men seem to be hardwired with an easy on and off switch.

If you happen to be among the handful of people who have trouble making time for dating, then the best places to meet other professional singles are business networking events. You can kill two birds with one stone as you build meaningful relationships with potential business partners, clients and even romantic interests. While 39% of singles who attend networking events keep it strictly professional, there are still 21% of singles who attend for business and personal reasons. If even only two of you are there with a similar romantic ulterior motive, then you just might cross paths with your ideal match.

As far as first dates are concerned, most business-oriented singles prefer cocktails after work over coffee anytime. Perhaps it’s that dash of liquid courage that calms most first-date nerves, but then again perhaps the 22% of singles who preferred coffee simply don’t drink alcohol in favor of sobriety.

Regardless of what profession you’re in, no one wants to be or date a workaholic. The more you make time for dating, the more successful you’ll be at it in much the same way you’ve become successful in your current profession with all the time you’ve made prioritizing your career over love. It’s time you started rewarding yourself for all your hard work by inviting the relationship and love you seek to enhance the quality of the life you’ve built for yourself.

So are you in the right profession for dating? Maybe, maybe not, but as long as you have a job, have your own life outside of a relationship, and don’t mind driving the next town over for a date, the odds are still in your favor.