Long Distance Relationships

Cyber Chemistry

Graduated cylinder and flasks

Now more than ever it’s easier to reach people over technology. Ridiculously easy. Between texting, Facebooking, Skyping, emailing....(insert 30 more platforms here) you can connect with your second cousin’s best friend’s sister on her trip to Thailand while you’re shopping on Amazon, watching On-demand, and IMing with your mom. Technology is time-saving and convenient. But, can it also be personal when you really need it to be? 


It’s Just Lunch® says Absolutely! We know that dating relationships take work and as busy professionals, your time is limited as it is. But, this doesn’t have to stand in the way of being available to continue to get to know someone, even if they aren’t across the table from you, or even across town. For those times that you’re apart from the person you’re dating, why not utilize the best part of technology to keep the chemistry going in your relationship? 


The next time you’re separated from your someone because you’re being held hostage by that dreaded convention, why not set up a Cyber Date? After all, just because you’re temporarily far away from each other doesn’t mean that you can’t have an exciting date! (fingers crossed that the wifi in your hotel is working of course). 

So here are the steps:

Be serious about it, like you would for a real date. 

Set a time. 

Get primped. 

Maybe grab a glass of wine. 

Turn off the phone and turn ON the computer. 

Your someone will definitely love that you’re willing to make time for them in the middle of your other responsibilities.

Enjoy making those Cyber Sparks fly!


Long Distance Detour

So you’ve just met your PERFECT Match (Thank you It’s Just Lunch®!). You two connected from day one, the dates are flowing like Champagne (the real good stuff from France), and you feel like the pace of your relationship is at the perfect speed for your life right now (no nauseating NASCAR thrill rides but definitely not stuck in the slow lane either).

It’s all going great until you turn the corner and find an unexpected Detour sign: 


Speed-Limit Strictly Enforced 

With more time on the road without you, ahead. 

Your wonderful (and successful) someone is going to be traveling a lot more. Cue the gritting of teeth and the Journey songs. But before you throw up your hands and start desperately looking for an off-ramp, here are some real Detour Details.

In the first 3 months of dating. 37% of couples can find themselves in some sort of long distance relationship (versus the disgustingly happy couples that live in the same town).

In the first 6 months, that number can reach 42%. 

After 8 months, that number falls to 11%*.

The results of the complete study found that the staying power, of a compatible couple dealing with long distance, was just as strong as those couples who never were apart. So It’s Just Lunch® wants to let you know that long distance detours don’t mean the end of the dating road trip-just a change of scenery. 


*Study conducted by The Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships