How to Survive Your First Weekend Getaway as a Couple

ThinkstockPhotos-78781340 (1)You love to travel. You love spending time with your new sweetheart. Time to pack your bags and hit the road!

Before you start imagining your dream weekend getaway, take a few minutes to prepare yourself for the inevitable awkwardness and relationship-changing potential (both good and bad) of that first trip together.

How soon is too soon?

Obviously, every relationship is different. However, at a bare minimum you probably should have spent the night together at least a few times before you venture out of town together. Go ahead and get those awkward first-night jitters over with when you’re not 200 miles away from home with a virtual stranger.

What kind of trip is it?

You might like the 20-mile bike rides you’ve done on Saturday mornings together just fine, but maybe your idea of a vacation is relaxing by the pool and only expending enough energy to lift your margarita from the table next to you. Does the other person know that?

“It’s important to plan a trip with activities you’ll both enjoy,” says It’s Just Lunch spokesperson Irene LaCota. “That might mean making some compromises. Maybe you spend one day by the pool decompressing and one day hiking on a scenic trail.”

It might seem romantic to plan the weekend and surprise the other person, but if it’s early on in your relationship, you should probably get their input and ensure it’s a getaway you’ll both enjoy. The romantic surprises can be smaller gestures, like having her favorite champagne waiting in the room for your arrival.

A few habits you’ll learn about fast

You’ve had the maid come by before each of your previous overnight dates, but she won’t be there to clean up after you on your getaway. Is your neat-freak girlfriend going to discover you’re kind of a slob when you’re shut up in close quarters together for several nights?

Maybe you absolutely must eat breakfast before you can tackle any part of your day. Or you really prefer to fall asleep with the television still on. Even if you’ve spent the night together a few times already, you’re bound to discover some new routines (and maybe even flaws) that were previously kept under wraps.

Cleanliness and personal hygiene are some obvious habits that might first reveal themselves over a weekend getaway. What about the less obvious ones though – like the fact that you never listen to music in the car, only NPR? How’s that going to go over on a five-hour drive?

The only thing you can really do to prepare on this front is to have an open mind. After all, it’s people’s quirks and idiosyncrasies that make them unique and interesting.

It can make or break you

When you’re with someone 24 hours a day, you start to get a glimpse of the real person. String two or three of those days together, and you’ll have a pretty good idea if this is someone you can see yourself with long-term.

It’s easy to always be polite, smile and act like life is grand when you’re on a three-hour date, but a three-date getaway complete with a mountain road you’re GPS has never heard of and a lumpy bed that hurts your back might show you a new side of Mr. or Ms. Wonderful.

One fight does not a bad weekend getaway make, however.

“Every couple has a fight now and then,” says LaCota. “Ask yourself if what you fought about is a deal breaker or if how the other person fought was unacceptable.”

Were you just tired from a long drive that got you into town at 2 a.m. after that incident with the GPS? Or is a more fundamental issue with the way you communicate with one another? There’s a big difference. Remember that travel adds another layer of stress and take that into account as you assess the situation.

Compromise and patience are the key to any successful weekend getaway – and likewise to any successful relationship. Survive that first trip together and you know you’re ready for bigger and better things ahead!

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Tips for Taking a First Trip Together


So you’ve gotten through the several-month anniversary mark, through the initial period of uncertainty of does he (or she) like me?  By now, you know that she likes no milk in her coffee and that he’s allergic to shellfish; and together you’ve uncovered your favorite restaurants, walks in the park, and intimate evenings out. But a test of each other’s true colors lies not in the amount of time spent together, but in an exhilarating but potentially make-or-break activity that we at It’s Just Lunch love: travel.  As the saying goes, you don’t really know people until you travel with them. And it’s not until you’ve braved unfamiliar destinations, negotiated bathroom breaks, or endured long layovers and cancelled flights that you’ve put yourself (and the relationship) on trial.

Newly dating? You’ll want to start off slow.  If you’re traveling for the first time together, here are some tips to make your voyage hitch-free.

* Start off right. A first trip (and the planning of it) is symbolic of things to come. How do you want to set the tone? Mutually agree upon a destination and type of trip. If you’re into mountain climbing and she’s not, maybe you’ll want to save that adventure trek for another time. Have different interests? Pick a place that has a little bit of everything: beaches, shopping, culture, nature. Rio de Janeiro or Vancouver are good examples.  

* Talk money. Sort out the financial details before your trip. What is your budget? Who’s going to pay for what?  There’s nothing worse than arguing about dollars and cents when you’re supposed to be sipping mojitos at sunset. 

* Imagine worse case scenarios. What if you get food poisoning (or worse)? Or your flight is delayed? Or get into an accident with the rental car? Unexpected incidents can only be expected when traveling, but they can also be stressors on a budding romance. Check into travel insurance plans, write down emergency phone numbers, and draw up a contingency plan for anything you think could possibly go wrong.

* Surprise each other. Travel is about discovery. In this case, it’s just as much about people (in other words, each other) as it is about place.  Plan, but leave some room for spontaneity. Why not wander down a side street instead of the main avenue? And if you get lost, you may stumble upon a gem of a bistro when you’re navigating your way back together. Or what about an impromptu serenade under a bridge? Build your trip from your own experience (and don’t worry too much about the guidebooks.)




Best Travel Destinations for Singles


It's not too late to do a little traveling over the summer. If the dating pool at home isn't working out for you, consider a solo vacation in another city and get a feel for what dating would be like somewhere else. Sometimes, a change of scene is all you really need to find what you're looking for. It's Just Lunch compiled some of the best travel destinations in the world for singles ready to put themselves out there and expand their dating pools. If you happen to decide that one of these travel destinations will become your new home, then you can connect with one of our matchmakers in the area to start going out on lunch dates.

Washington, DC

Forbes calls Washington, DC. "downright alluring" with all politics set aside. The restaurant scene is starting to take hold over there so there are plenty of places for professional singles  to go for a weekday lunch date. Get matched with Washington DC Singles.

Austin, TX

There is something to be said about the southern charm of a professional single from Texas. In fact, OpenTable ranked Austin  among the top most romantic cities in the US based on a unique formula that included reviews, ratings and other criteria. Have lunch with a sweetheart.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a great place for dating for professional singles in their 30s and 40s. Many of them are genuinely looking for companionship. You'd be a breath of fresh air in this dating scene, especially if you want the same things. Meet professional singles in Sydney

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is a great place to meet new people. The best part about New Orleans is that the city is known for it's food making it an ideal city for professional singles who enjoy dining out to meet up for lunch dates or drinks after work . Speak to New Orleans matchmaker

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is a great place to visit if visiting Niagra Falls, about a 90 minute drive from Toronto, happens to be on your bucket list. Nothing sounds more romantic that taking off to Toronto by your lonesome, meeting another fellow nomad there and going for an adventure with your new friend. Hey, it can happen.... in the movies perhaps, but we can still dream. Talk to a Toronto matchmaking and dating specialist

If you really want to meet that someone special, take a chance, be adventurous and do a little traveling because you never know who you'll meet along the way. You might even learn that nothing or no one is holding you back from your heart's desires but you.  Could a change of scene be just what you need?

Where is your favorite city in the world to visit, and why?

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